10 Common Lipat Bahay Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Some people think that lipat bahay is just a pack-and-go task that can be easily done in a week or two. However, this kind of mindset can be the root of all failures when doing a lipat bahay–with people believing that lipat bahay is just a piece of cake, they unknowingly commit moving mistakes that cause negative impacts on their overall moving.

Sometimes, small and forgivable moving mistakes such as carrying all the heavy boxes by yourself can result to more serious, unfortunate events such as damaging your household goods or worse, fracturing your bone. Such scenario could be prevented through mindful preparations.

Knowing the most common lipat bahay errors will help you shun away from further moving troubles. This must-see infographic by Cartrex Trucking, one of the leading trucking companies in Manila, presents you a guide about common moving mistakes that people make and tips on how you can avoid them.


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