Happy Socks wide variety of cheerful and colorful socks.

10 simple lifestyle tweaks to make people happy from Happy Socks

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Happy Socks wide variety of cheerful and colorful socks.
Happy Socks wide variety of cheerful and colorful socks.

Happy Socks is known for their colorful and lively variety of socks which definitely gives happiness to whosoever will wear it. It’s their way of transforming an everyday essential into an exciting addition to your wardrobe.

During the Happy Socks PH launch, they presented their #100HappyActs campaign where you need to do a random act of happiness, particularly spreading delight through giving someone either a pair of socks or a boxer shorts from the boxes given to the guests, which will surely bring a smile to the receiver.

Happy Socks' #100HappyActs Campaign
Happy Socks’ #100HappyActs Campaign

Katherine Sy, Managing Partner, Happy Socks Philippines expressed, “It’s a simple idea that is best exemplified by the concept that drives Happy Socks—spreading happiness by transforming something mundane into a representation of the happiness that awaits everyone. All you have to do is be open to it.”

In addition to the pursuance of their mission of spreading good vibes, they have compiled 10 ways to boost your mood and happiness.

1. Lend a hand

Making a difference in someone’s life is fundamental to lifting your spirits and it almost goes without saying. But every now and then, it helps to be reminded that helping others doesn’t necessarily mean moving heaven and earth for them. Great if you can, but a smile, a compliment, giving away change, helping the neighbor with her groceries or even holding out a door for someone can go a long way too.

2. Get moving

Exercise. Remember that your mind and body are connected, and getting active translates to boosting your mood. Not that you should start running marathons (although if you want to and can, then by all means, do so), but you should certainly do more than just stay on the couch, binge-watching your favorite TV show all day.

3. Write it down

Sometimes, even you need to be reminded of all the things that you should be grateful for; and one of the best ways to do so is to write it all down. Putting everything on paper means you can tangibly see what you are thankful for. Keep a journal—it’s been known to create better self-awareness and highlight positive emotions.

4. Stay connected

No man is an island—and if anyone ever doubted that, just check out statistics that show how people in stable, strong relationships are happier, healthier, and generally, live longer. Good, healthy relationships offer support, love and give meaning to your lives, so make time to build and strengthen those connections. Don’t get too consumed by work or school, make time for the people who matter in your lives.

5. Just add coffee

Your daily dose of java can do a lot more for your mood than you can imagine. As a natural stimulant, certain studies show that not only can coffee help treat depression, but healthy doses of caffeine can lift your spirits, and even protect against some diseases. Enjoy it black without cream and sugar for best results!

6. Turn it up

Music has a remarkable ability to stir strong emotions in people, so queue your favorite playlist and turn the music up—especially when you have to deal with the more difficult or tedious items on your to-do list to pick up your mood.

7. Set goals

Set goals for yourself—but be more granular about it. While it’s great to dream big, it’s important to feel that you’re able to achieve the little things as well. The simple act of finishing all these little things on your to-do list lends a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. Start by making your bed every morning—to start your day off with a simple, easy to complete task that reminds you that goals (big or small) can be completed if you make an effort to do so. And when you come home and see that carefully made bed at the end of a busy day, you can be reminded of your accomplishment.

8. Treat yourself

Once in a while, indulging in treats that reminds you to go easy on yourself can help boost your mood and overall happiness. A day off, a spa day, a weekend trip to beach, a brief exotic holiday, even shopping for a new pair of shoes can give you that positive rush you need to get through a tough week.

9. Grin and bear it

Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, and Nat King Cole were all on to something when they crooned ‘smile, though your heart is aching…’ Apparently smiling can tip the scales towards an actual happy mood when you’re feeling a little ‘meh.’ Give others a smile and you’re likely to get another one in return.

10. Live in the moment

Try not to worry about the future too much and on the flipside, avoid overthinking the past. Stop and take note of everything going on around you, right now. No need to go completely existential to get this done—walk instead of driving to work to take in the sights, don’t rush through a meal and enjoy new flavors; give yourself some head space and take even just 5 minutes out to breathe.

Don’t just aim to make yourself happier, go the extra mile and make someone’s day, too!

For more information, visit their social media sites:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/happysocksph
Twitter and Instagram: @HappySocksPH

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Josette Lansang

I am a Journalism Major student who has the passion for writing and currently writes for Juan Manila Express as an intern. A proud BulSUan! (Twitter and Ig: superjosette)

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