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Okay. We admit we’re not really a gaming fan. The last RPG that we’ve played was Max Payne and it was a long time ago.

Not that we don’t have the gamer’s skills but it’s more of the fear of addiction that we expect once our vein has finally acquired a blood-thirsty appetite for more gaming time.


We loved Counter Strike. And way back in the 80s, we can chomped out a lot of ghosts on an Atari Pac-Man video game.

We’ve learned a lot of the new games that spawned after the birth of Nintendo Family Computer to this day with the rise of fandom to MMORPG Clash of Clans which made its way on mobile gaming clout.

And don’t forget Dota. Everyone knows a real Dota gamer will never leave his console for his girlfriend. Agree? Okay there are also ladies who play Dota.

And now comes Predator, the new monster in the gaming field that is unleashing powerful serum that makes every gamer goes wild and crazy. Predator is not a game. Mind you.

Predator is the all new, powerful, and performance packed gaming system from Acer that can match the gaming requirements – from specs, speed, graphics, and mobility of serious gamers. A gamer knows that for every games, there must be compatible gaming solution and hardware that will match his skills up to the nth level. Lag is the evil nemesis of all gamers and no computer system should be a weakling especially when it comes to tournaments.

That is why Acer has finally introduced the Predator that will surely conquer new worlds in the gaming battlegrounds.

“We just don’t make it look cool, push it on the market, add some red and say ‘Hey! Come and buy us!’ We go around the world with focus groups, with real hardcore gamer, like me. We taped their feedback. We listen to what they tell us, what’s important and then, we infused that directly into our product line,” said Steven Funcke, Predator Global Marketing Manager on the launch of PREDATOR gaming products in the Philippines over the weekend at Glorietta Mall Activity Center.

“You’ll find amazing features like we merged with Cool Master gaming brand and we made an entire new cooling technology. It is innovation and it is what’s important. The second thing that makes Predator an amazing brand is our differentiation from our competition. There have been gaming brands for 10 or 20 years, so why are we coming in (just) now? And what are we doing to be different? Well, we are fast. And we are strong! We are innovating new technologies like curve gaming panels. And guess what? We are the first to market this kind of technology,” he added.

For his part, Cooler Master’s Channel Manager for the Philippines, Joseph Calimon, said it is always their mission to make gamers’ passion for gaming cooler than ever. “Our cooling system are always best-in-class to help power gamers’ passion for the game and make their gaming experience truly cool. As gaming devices become more powerful, the need to keep the heat down but not lose a machine’s performance is a always a must. We’re glad Predator continues to trust us to keep them cool.”

Here are the price list of the Predator line:

Predator 8: P12,990
Predator Peojector: P78,990
Predator X34 Monitor: P64,990
Predator G3 Desktop: P59,999
Predator 15: P69,999

The Predator line is equipped with the GEForce GTX 900 Series for the desktop which provides unraveled performance and energy efficiency, providing better image quality and better power source.

“We have been working with Acer both in growing the PC market and also in the e-sports tournaments here in the Philippines,” said Jerome Matti, Consumer Sales Manager, NVIDIA. “Even more stunning and vivid graphics is what NVIDIA brings to this expanded Predator gaming line. We promised that gamers’ gaming experience will not just be epic but even monumental and we know we delivered on that promise.”

“When it comes to gaming, we need the best equipment, the best device to win. Obviously, Predator is super exciting. Gaming devices’ tremendous requirements for speed and power have always been enormous and Intel will continue to keep up with the pace. Serious gamers need serious rigs, and we will not disappoint their need for superiority especially when competing against other gamers with the latest Intel processors inside this new Predator gaming system,” said Calum Chisholm, Country Manager, Intel Philippines.

“From the Intel side, the more innovation the better for gaming. The Predator line, you can see, is pushing the boundaries,” he added.

So get to #ConquerNewWorlds and create your own #PredatorPH experience with the Predator gaming system that includes the Predator G3 and Predator G1 desktops, the Predator 15 laptop, the Predator 8 gaming tablet, the Predator X34, the world’s first 34-inch curved gaming monitor, and the Predator Z650 short-throw projector.

Get the Predator gaming system at PC Express Gilmore, the Villman Computers Philippines at SM North EDSA, and OCtagon Computer Superstore at SM Megamall.

For more about the Predator gaming system, go to the Predator Philippines Facebook Page @PredatorPhilippines.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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