That Time of My Life… As An Idiot

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I’m grateful for my concert-like theater experience with American Idiot just recently at the Globe Iconic Store, Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater.

Why I got so interested in being an Idiot ready to rock for one night?

I’m a 90’s kid and f***ing proud of it! Green Day has been one of my favorite bands since my student years and it all started with their hit track Basket Case. Other songs of this legendary rock band on my playlist are Minority, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and Time of Your Life.

Another 90’s-kid factor that convinced me to be there and watch was the fact that members of two of the best OPM bands I grew up listening to — Wolfgang and Rivermaya — had special roles to play: Basti Artadi, Jason Fernandez and Norby David (the last two are former Rivermaya members and not part of the original 90’s lineup though… but still!).

I also got curious about another band frontman, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci (if he can really act onstage) and model/thespian Alex Godinez (if she can convincingly pull off that “rock chick vibe” despite her girl-next-door image).

And what the hell was the American Idiot musical all about? I had no idea. I just heard that it was about idealistic kids being blinded by the media and realizing that life is not as perfect as they have imagined it to be. With the little that I know about the plot, I reminisced about myself in my early 20’s having that kind of mentality. Reality does bite… hard. Like the three main characters Will, Johnny, and Tunny, I had my “idiot” moments that gave me life’s harshest yet best lessons to learn. In short, the story of my life… in a way.

Coming all the way from Las Piñas for this event in spite of the rain and the usual traffic jam, I was hoping that the show would be worth the time and effort.

It did not disappoint. I left the venue with a big smile on my face and a terrible case of Green Day LSS. 😆

Indeed, I was pleased to witness a different side of Basti, Jason, Norby and Miggy as St. Jimmy, Johnny, Theo, and Will respectively. The last three rock stars I mentioned were the theater newbies but based on their performances, you couldn’t tell they are first-timers until they actually say so. I’ve never seen the acting chops of Basti in Jesus Christ Superstar, another famous rock opera, but I’d say I can’t imagine another Pinoy rock icon who can take his place.

I’m no Chicosci fan, yet I must admit seeing Miggy portray Will as natural as he could was impressive. Alex the cutie was likewise a welcome surprise to me as she effectively displayed a feisty persona as Heather.

The other lead actors who got my attention were Yanah Laurel (Whatsername) and Ela Lisondra (Extraordinary Girl). If I only have Yanah’s powerful husky voice, I would not hesitate to audition for any band vocalist opportunity (she can pass as a rock band vocalist, which she can pursue apart from acting if she wants to). Ela did what I don’t think I can perfectly master in this lifetime: 1.) singing effortlessly, 2.)  dancing gracefully,  and 3.) doing both in her scene with Nel Gomez (who played Johnny and Will’s friend Tunny).

Their versatility made them all winners. As for the other actors who made it to this awesome production, American Idiot would still be boring to watch without them and their talent, energy and dedication.

Absolutely, it’s a wise move for Globe to bring American Idiot to Manila with the help of 9 Works Theatrical, simultaneous with the launch of their new content partners and the “retail outlet by day, events hub by night” Globe Iconic Store. The timeless and relatable story coupled with cast members having the time of their lives while working (like rock stars considering their passion for their music and fans) would appeal to a wide range of audiences — from the Generation X to the millenials.

Feeling positive with the outcome of this project, I expect more world-class performances in the future. Hmm, how about a concert next time… like Foo Fighters or Adele live in Manila? #fingerscrossed #wishlist

My thoughts: This was something unpredictable, yet in the end I was right. Thank you, I did have the time of my life. 🎸🤘

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