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DYNAFLEX Technology Revs the new Shell V-Power to Better Engine Performance


   What do you get after years and years of work, research and the strive for improvement? For Shell, they have the DYNAFLEX Technology merged into their new and improved Shell V-Power. Their success for efficiency and better engine performance is achieved by it’s team of 170 fuels scientists across Shell’s five fuels technology centers in the globe. Viewed 25381 times by 778 viewers


Huawei welcomes Pia Wurtzbach as newest ambassador to P10 and P10 Plus


  Huawei P series comes back stronger, better, and more cutting edge with the latest addition to the family, the P10 and P10 plus. It has officially made it in the Philippine shores, along with Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, as the newest ambassador for Huawei P10. What attracted Pia to the Huawei brand is how she can relate to the company’s attention to the smallest of details. How it’s subtle design evoke Meaning and inspiration, and it’s evolving sense of style much like how fashion itself is ever changing, but never at the expense of comfort. Asked about what […]