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There’s an exciting ride heading your way. If you love motorcycles, the hum of its engine and the smell of the burning gasoline, you know what we’re talking about.

You are on for a wonderful treat as Travel Concierge recently developed a one-of-a-kind travel-related ride along motorcycle tours. Unfortunately, this is not for every Juans, so to speak. Motorcycle or two-wheels has been labeled as a dangerous type of motor vehicle. Expect a lot of eyebrows raising when you mention “ride along motorcycle tours”.

“It’s true,” says Pat Favoreal, CEO, Travel Concierge, when he explained to us the concept and why he decided to push for the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours package under his company.

Together with the NOS (New and Old School) motorcycle club buddies, Pat and his wife Lala, developed the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours concept and offers a visit to the most exciting destinations as well as to the hidden and yet to discovered places across the country. But mind you all. It’s not the destination that keeps their motor running. It’s the ride.

Let’s ride and have a peek in our Baler Ride Along Motorcycle Tours and get the idea of what this is all about.

Day 1

  • 6 AM Meet up and short briefing at Shell NLEX Station in Bulacan.
  • After a quick introduction we geared and suited up for the next 5 hour ride along North Luzon Expressway, SCTEX, Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan, and Aurora.

The ride went smooth all the way but the only thing that we really can’t avoid was the discomforts in our butts. You know, that rounded portion of a human body parts located at the lower back area…  Nah, of course you know it. The seats are fine but as the ride took more than an hour, we felt like something’s boiling down there. But this is actually normal especially if it’s your first time to ride big bikes. From 60 kph, the ride could go up as fast as 140-160 kph.

Tarlac Ride (7:45 AM)

After the next tollgate in Tarlac we had a five minute break before starting off again. Thank, God! We really need to stretch our legs once in a while.

Nueva Ecija Ride (8:43 AM)

The tollgate is 12 minutes away from the next Petron gasoline station in Nueva Ecija where we stopped by to refuel and take a quick light snack. It’s advisable not to have a heavy meal if you’re on a ride along tours. Light meals are okay and it will keep you more relax while on the road. Anyways, there will be a lot of pit stops on the next gasoline stations.

Riders’ Shangri-las

And by the way, gasoline stations are the ‘shangri-las’ of riders. This is where they refill their bike’s fuel, take restroom breaks, check the motorcycle’s condition, regroup and catch up with the other members. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was setting high but the air is cool. It’s great that once in a while we get to feel and embrace the breathe of the country side. There are lots of rice fields and greens along the way which made the ride visually refreshing. From Rizal, Nueva Ecija it’s another refueling for the other bikes. It’s now approximately 74 kms away from Baler.

Canili-Diayo Dams (10:44 AM)

We passed by Pantabangan Dam and at Canili-Diayo Dams, we had to stop for a while to marvel at the scenic rivers on the left side and the Madagascar-like forest brushing up in the mountains to our right.

But photo ops was not yet in our timeline so we need to hurry up because it’s almost 12 noon and we’re already thirsty and hungry.

Last ‘Shangri-la’ for the day (11:54 AM)

At last we saw the road sign that says, “Baler 17 kms”! And again, another shangri-la popped out in the view. One last Petron station pit stop and we’re close to the town of Baler.

Lunch at old-fashioned Karinderya (12:37 PM)

Before we went straight to Old Parola Beach Resort where we were booked for a night, we had our lunch first in one of the ‘karinderyas’ across the Donya Aurora House where the Baler town landmark is also located.

Karinderya or eateries are food joints that can be found almost anywhere, in the provinces or even in the metropolis. Eateries serve ‘lutong-bahay’ or home-cooked meals that are very affordable. They are commonly found along the side streets nearby schools or places where a lot of foot traffic build up.

Old Parola Beach Resort (1:32 PM)

Old Parola offers stay-in accommodation for travelers in Baler. It is right next to the shore of Sabang Beach and has a very provincial feel which is perfect for guests who are too much metropolized by modern cities. Old Parola is a small type resort guest house cottages that can accommodate backpackers, solo travelers, or group of at least 10 people.

It’s past 1 in the afternoon so after a quick peek of the beach side we went to our individual rooms to get some rest.

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours by Travel Concierge

Traveling on bikes is not like when you travel by cars or other four wheeled vehicles. Riders and back-riders are prone to heat, dust, and other weather conditions along the road. There could be untoward incidents or hazards that bikers could face while on the road.

We’re glad that NOS MC riders took care of us and brought us safe to our destination. These guys have years of experience when it comes to motorcycle adventures. Trust them. They’re cool and fun to be with.

We really enjoyed the ride and it’s a new kind of traveling for us. Especially when you’re back-riding on the latest Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan Vaquero model piloted by our rider Borg, NOS MC member. It’s a great time for us!

If you want to participate and join this ride along tours, visit www.travelconcierge.com.ph to inquire. They have a lot in store for those who dare joining the tour.


There are countless times that we see skull images like stickers or insignias on motorcycles or worn by riders. And these images make the riders look more tough and brave. Agree?

Skull images, according to Noel Marfori, a NOS MC member represents no gender, no identity, no religion, and sign of toughness. You’ve got that straight from the bike and builder himself, the owner of Marfori Custom.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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