Which budget airlines, Cebu Pacific or AirAsia, offer big savings for Sinulog Festival?

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Now that Sinulog Festival is fast approaching, a lot of travelers from Manila and outside the country are preparing for their flight details going to the province of Cebu to experience the once in a year colorful festival which will start from January 12 up to February 2, 2016. The highlights of the festivity though will begin on January 15 with the Grand Parade happening on the 17th.

Like many travelers, I am looking at January 15 – 19, 2016 as best visiting dates to go to Cebu from Manila and I am carefully studying which among Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines can give me the best possible lowest fare. AirAsia already released a promo campaign for Sinulog Festival while Cebu Pacific maintains their All-in Year promo for every destination.

Let’s look at AirAsia

As we go comparing sites, I also noticed that the AirAisa website loads faster than Cebu Pacific.

Here’s Cebu Pacific

Comparing them, AirAsia charges PhP 8,351.20 while Cebu Pacific is lowest at PhP 7,490.36, all in.

I also viewed AirAsia P1199 BOOK NOW promo where it says you can book until January 10, 2016 with Travel Period from January 6 to April 30, 2016. Here’s what it shown.

A drop-down list of available departure details is shown including flights from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to domestic and International destination. I selected the Cebu booking page.

The only thing that stated with the lowest fare here is their departure date from Cebu going back to Manila. And from the looks of it, nobody can enjoy the grand festivity of the Sinulog if the option for this promo is only available from January 9 to 13, 2016 with lowest fare of PhP 2,412 (Manila-Cebu) and PhP 1,576.80 (Cebu-Manila). How can that even be a Viva Pit Senor, considering the only given available dates for the promo?

If you’ll go back to January 15-19, 2016, again, the lowest fare you’ll ever get will be from PhP 5,066.40 (Manila-Cebu) and PhP 3,284.80 (Cebu-Manila).

Here’s my suggestion. if you’re up for an almost 11-day vacation then a flight schedule from January 9-19, 2016 going to Cebu might be a good idea. After all, you’ll only spend PhP 5,696.80.

Maybe, even without the promo, a PhP 5,696.80 could still be a good deal. But not a smart choice. Especially if you still have work back in Manila.

Oh. One thing I hate from these sites is their session time-off. It only took a while and when you’re idle, the session goes off and you need to register on the site again. Bummer.

Just for the thrill of it, I also check the P499 Seat Sale promo from Cebu Pacific and I am disappointed that no Manila-Cebu flight is included and it’s PhP 684 not PhP 499.

Take note that this Seat Sale promo will be up until January 11 and is good for February 1 to May 31, 2016 travel period only.

Let’s see what Cebu Pacific has to offer for January 9-19, 2016 dates.

Total cost of air fare for this flight schedule is PhP 5,026.36. This looks promising compare to AirAsia’s PhP 5,696.80.

But as you can see it’s not yet their lowest offering. If you like flying with the Cebgo carrier, it only charges PhP 2,035.68 (Manila-Cebu). That totals at PhP *4,746.36 all in, as you’ll still be picking the Promo Fare for the 19th at PhP 2,710.68 (Cebu-Manila).

Let me remind you that I only picked the dates with no fuel, no bag, or all in. In the later pages of these airlines, you’ll be asked if you want to add insurance fees, change seat, meal on board, etc. It’s all up to you.

Should you be adding items before you checkout, the total amount will vary from the original cost that I’ve computed.

Based on our initial computation, Cebu Pacific still gives the best savings at PhP 7,490.36 and PhP *4,746.36 vs AirAsia PhP 8,351.20 and PhP 5,696.80 on these given dates, January 15-19 and January 9-19, respectively. Cebu Pacific wins this round.

Trip details isn’t complete yet. I should also mention the amount of cash needed for going around the city, food, commute, etc. I’ll also be needing a place to stay. And if you’re just like me who’s into last-minute booking, I recommend HotelQuickly app to help you stretch the budget.

Download HotelQuickly app on your Android or iOS devices and once you’ve installed it on your smartphone, register and go to CREDIT tab and and redeem my code JMANI6 to add PHP 600 on your credit that you can use when you book your hotel reservation with the HotelQuickly app. Click here to download the app.

*Flights computed are based on Manila departure only.

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