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#ProTECH101 (Part 4)! What is Stagefright?


 Last July, Globe Telecom, the No. 1 in mobile network, ¬†launched an online security campaign aiming to inform and protect the public from online crimes that are rampant in this cyber age. You may ask yourself, “Are you safe and protected online?” From targeting and shooting down common mistakes that users make such as weak passwords, information sharing and autosaving information. Today, we¬†bring you Part 4 of the #ProTECH101 series. #ProTECH101 Part 4 locks on the Android flaw called Stagefright. Disguised in the form of an MMS, Stagefright can easily access your device’s data even without you opening the message. […]

GLOBE #STOPSPAM. A screenshot of the Globe web page where customers may report text spams or text scams.

Globe launches #StopSPAM Report Page


 Are you getting pissed off by the number of text spams you receive everyday? We are aware of that, like you are. We receive a lot of text spams and that annoys us every time these anonymous phone numbers would pop-up out of our inbox telling us their new condo units for sale, the ever enthusiasts ‘need cash’ message, food-cart franchising business, credit card application, health insurance, and the likes. It is simply okay if we knew who these sender were but from a complete strangers? We’re just left wondering where they got our number in the first place. Good […]

GLOBE TAKES ACTION AGAINST TEXT SPAMMING. As Globe telecom's project Wonderful yields remarkable growth in 2014, the telco also takes action on rising complaints against text spamming.

Globe Telecom takes action against text spammers, slams Caritas Shield


 Ernest Cu, CEO and President of Globe Telecom addresses the issue and announces that Globe takes action against text spammers. This issue was brought up during the #GoSURFSpotify event held at The Globe Tower, recently. “It hurts our brand because you think we sell those numbers. And I’m telling you, we don’t. And they don’t need to. All they need to know is 917, that’s it. And they start spamming from 001 all the way up to 1,000,000, sequentially. They don’t care if they throw away the rest of us the spam because it’s unlimited anyway. And we’ll take action […]