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7-Eleven Kicks Off Rock Back To School Concert Series With Moonstar88 And 6Cyclemind


 7-Eleven is celebrating a significant milestone as it turns another year older by giving back to its loyal customers and the communities they serve through a series of concerts, promos and more treats starting this July 11 to thank them for all the support and continued patronage. The celebration kicks off with the launch of the latest CLiQQ promo and treats while popular rock bands debut the Rock Back To School caravan at Eton Centris Walk in Quezon City. CLiQQ Every Day! Deals Launch The fun starts with the launch of CLiQQ Every Day! Deals where CLiQQ users can choose […]


7-Eleven welcomes 2000th store in the Philippines


 Located at the LV Locsin Building, 6752 Makati Avenue, Legazpi Village in Makati, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), country licensee of leading convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, welcomes its 2000th store in the Philippines last March 8, 2017. The newest branch is the latest addition to the 60,000 stores in 17 countries as the global store chain and the largest convenience retailer in the world expands its reach to its growing market around the world. PSC sees this latest achievement as a milestone continuity from their expansion to 1,000 stores in 2014, and now to 2,000 stores in just over 2 years. […]


FamilyMart levels up as first consumer retail store to use beep card payments in the Philippines


 In a world where everything has gone into digital, the recent partnership between AF Payments, Inc. and FamilyMart, a very popular Japanese chain now operating with 80 branches in the Philippines marks the Ayala Corp.-Metro Pacific Investments Corp. consortium’s first move out of transportation and into retail using beep™ card as mode of payments, the same tap-and-go card we use for our train and bus rides in the metro. beep card’s proponent AF Payments Inc. hinted during its first anniversary last October that it was brewing a partnership with a major convenience store chain. The latest milestone was revealed yesterday, December […]


Enjoy every day rewards with CLiQQ app from 7-Eleven


 Just Cliqq It As soon as you finished installing the 7-Eleven CLiQQ app on your mobile phones, you can now start earning and redeem every day reward points and items from any 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines. The every day rewards is a special gift from 7-Eleven for their loyal customers through the CLiQQ app, formerly known as Every Day! Rewards Card. The app includes a loyalty barcode that lets 7-Eleven customers earn points every time they visit and make purchases worth P50 or more. P50 is equivalent to 1 point and can be earned even on separate purchases. These points […]


Watsons’ Mandated brings out the swag in men’s grooming


 Men’s grooming got little attention in the era where women were more visible when it comes to fashion and styling. Men were a little bit shy way back then until the metrosexual became the ‘in-thing’ and became popular in 90s. Men found a niche to express their own style to flaunt their looks and wardrobes, and going out shopping, just like what women mostly do. Today, in the age of millennials, grooming is undeniably a substantial part of many men’s social media life. Who hasn’t heard of ‘outfit-of-the-day’? But grooming isn’t just about style and fashion. It’s more of a […]


OTWOL’s JaDine enjoys honest-to-goodness coffee with City Blends by 7-Eleven


 Coffee has been part of mostly Filipinos‘ daily lives and has been enjoyed anytime, anywhere. 7-Eleven Philippines was challenged on how to give the right coffee for the Filipino people and making it affordable at a P2o price point. 7-Eleven now offers City Blends straight from a custom machine, developed exclusively for the company and made in Italy. “This is something that was tested well and will be rolled out in 565 stores, 700 by the end of the year. And we think it’s actually something that we wanted to shout from the rooftop, so to speak,” said Jose Victor Paterno, […]


Drink Slurpee and get instant bigote!


 Our title is so funny and we’re sure you will like it! Drinking Slurpee has never been this fun. 7-Eleven Philippines recently launched their quirky limited edition Slurpee Mustache Straws. Slurpee lovers can now enjoy the iconic drink and take SLURPfies to the next level with these fun ‘staches that come in four different designs. Did you know that “Slurpee” was first introduced in the market in the 1950s that resulted from an accidental creation from a broken soda fountain? From this incident, Omar Knedly, an American businessman and inventor, created machines that produce the so-called slushy drink. Originally termed “Icee”, 7-Eleven coined […]


Chef Creations by 7-Eleven takes Pinoy dishes to the next level


 The world’s leading convenience store—7-Eleven, is not just your one-stop shop but it also serves as a diner that offers quality home-cooked style meals at a very affordable price. And who would say no to a delicious and affordable premium rice meal? The premium rice meal line, Chef Creations, was launched on May 2014 and since then, has conveniently offered amazing dishes that capture the taste of Filipinos. First introduced in the menu were Pulled Pork with Adobo Dip, Pakbet with Bagnet, and Pork Sinigang sa Kamias – all of which are renowned chef and Filipino food advocate Claude Tayag’s […]


7-Eleven finally opens its first store in one of PH top tourist destinations


 Finally, everyone can enjoy that famous frozen drink called Slurpee, now that the world’s leading convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, opened its first two stores in Aklan, located in Caticlan Jetty Port and Tourist Center, Station 3 in Boracay, the tourist destination that never sleeps. With all the establishments that have opened in Boracay, 7-Eleven seems to be the only one’s missing in sight. Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), country licensee 7-Eleven heard you folks! The opening of the first store was held last May 29, 2015 and PSC will end the year with three stores in Boracay and Aklanons can expect a total of 11 […]


AllShoppe and All Day Marts open as Villar Group’s retail business expands in Daang Hari, Vista City


 These fast rising players in the fashion and convenience store industry has finally expand its reach to their growing numbers of followers and making it more accessible for residents living nearby Daang Hari, Vista City. AllShoppe, is a rising player in the retail fashion industry houses great fashion finds for every need or occasion. AllShoppe has the latest from Women, Men, Children, and Toy selections with just the right price. All Day Marts offer a wide variety of products that is part and parcel of daily living. One doesn’t need to go far to get one’s groceries fresh and at […]


FamilyMart PH focuses on health and wellness Fresh n’ Lite product line


 Beginning this March, Philippine FamilyMart will focus the spotlight on health and wellness by introducing the Fresh n’ Lite product line accessible on every convenience store locations they have in the country. Snacking veggie sticks with hummus dip will give you 154 calories and 6% of RENI per serving; a chicken pomodoro gives 332 calories and 13% of RENI; spanish sardine arabiatta has  320 calories and 13% of RENI; and so on every Fresh n’ Lite products availabale in every FamilyMart stores. Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. launches the Health and Wellness line this year as they beef up their food […]