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Sun welcomes Ryan Agoncillo as Postpaid Plan 599 brand new ambassador


 Sun welcomes Ryan Agoncillo as brand new ambassador for their latest value-packed Postpaid Plan 599, which is the brand’s answer to irresistible bundle of calls, text, and data being offered in the market today. With Postpaid Plan 599, Sun offers unlimited Sun calls and texts, 400 texts to other networks, and 400MB data per month. The kicker here is the FREE Android smartphone and Samsung 3V tablet that aims to beat other brands offering just a free phone. If you’re an addict to Android gadgets and you have the means to go postpaid, then Sun’s Postpaid Plan 599 is for […]


Sun #ChooseBetter Plan shows practical ways to use your mobile connectivity to the max


 Undeniably, Sun has been the pioneer when it comes to unli calls and texts services enjoyed by millions of mobile subscribers even way back in the early 2000s. Giant telco players Smart and Globe, adapted this scheme and made this unli calls and texts as added value to their plans. This 2015, Sun revamped the unli calls and texts services with its newest Choose Better campaign with Sun Best Value Plan 450 for postpaid subscribers, showing more practical ways using subscriber’s mobile devices. Compared with competing brand, Best Value Plan 450 does not just give unlimited Sun calls and texts for a […]

Join and grab a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.O with the latest promo of Sun Postpaid

Sun Postpaid is giving away Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 through its latest promo


 Sun Postpaid surprises its subscribers by giving away a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on their latest promo. It is through availing postpaid’s music, gaming, and books/magazines services Just a minimum of PhP 49 is needed for every single purchase of subscription to any of Sun Postpaid’s services such as Spinnr for an unlimited music streaming experience valid for a month, Buqo for e-books and e-magazines, GameX to buy e-pins or Gameloft to download Java Games for those who are into gaming to be charged on their postpaid bill. Choosing to avail all the services may increase the chances of […]


Unboxing Cherry Mobile One 5.1 Lollipop Android version


 Everyone is excited about the latest Android One roll out since it was announced a couple of days ago in the Philippines. Google was quick to reveal two new Android phones that carries the Android One 5.1 Lollipop Android version from Cherry Mobile and MyPhone, both making huge waves in the local tech market with affordable devices for Filipino consumers. Now let’s see what’s inside the Cherry Mobile One package that we brought home after Google gave-away these brand new phones after that Android One event in Makati. First look, unboxing First, we’ve got the brand new box with the Android […]


Android One phones available through Smart and Sun Cellular mobile data plans


 Smart and Sun Cellular will offer Android One phones at Plan 500 (Smart) and Plan 399 (Sun). The first Android One phones to be made available to the public are Cherry Mobile One and MyPhone Uno, both at the price range of less than Php 5,000 per single unit. Android One is running on the latest Lollipop Android version. The Philippines is the sixth country to announce the Android One program. Android One is presently available in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. In conjunction with the recent launch of Android One in the Philippines, Smart and Sun will help […]