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Citi rolls out Voice Biometrics in the Philippines


 To give its clients and customers a better service when it comes to account authentication and protection, the country’s largest foreign bank recently launched Voice Biometrics. This groundbeaking authentication Voice Biometrics enables bank clients without the need to remember passwords, or personal identification numbers, or answer a series of questions to verify their identities. A brief demonstration were shown to the media when it was launched last October 4 inside Isabela A of Makati Shangri-La Hotel by Citi Philippines CEO Aftab Ahmed and Consumer Banking Head Bea Tan as they announced the introduction of this technology to the Philippines. With […]


Switch sells experience and offering solutions to customers and that’s where they’re good at


 “We represent the same product. I want to believe is, we sell experience. We sell by offering solutions.” Those were the words that Ben Loo, Owner, Switch, Apple’s Premium Reseller in the Philippines, said to us when we asked him why customers should go to Switch and buy their Apple products instead of the other stores in the country. “We’re not hardcore when it comes to selling. It’s really about comeback. And if you’re comfortable, we want you to come back, educated, and comfortable in purchasing with us. That’s what we want to live by. Whether that’s enough to entice customers to […]


CD-R King power saving device WiFi Smart Power Plug


 Imagine if you can control the power usages of all the appliances in your home through your smartphone and eventually saves you from paying too much of your electric bills? There is one product that CD-R King is selling and it’s probably one of their coolest items to date. Yeah, we know they have motorbikes, refs, TV, CDs, speakers, etc., name it they have it! But wait.. They do have this WiFi Smart Power Plug that when you configure it to your smartphone and WiFi router it acts as a repeater and at the same time as a gadget to […]