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Korean Superstar Kim Soo-hyun in Manila for Samsung QLED TV launch


 South Korean Actor of the Year 2014 and the star of television dramas such as Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from the Star, The Producers, and with movies like The Thieves, Kim Soo-hyun is back again in Manila, Philippines for his second visit and graced the official launch of the Samsung QLED TV at Okada Manila last Friday, May 26. Kim Soo-hyun arrived at the Okada ballroom to present, as VIP guest, the next innovation in television with the Samsung QLED TV – dubbed as “The Next Frontier” windows of entertainment delivering an impressive next generation display that […]


10 Netflix shows worth binge watching


 You watch a particular show right on your set and follow your favorite series until the end of the season, looking forward for the next chapter and hop on to the next one. The internet TV innovation makes our viewing experience more enjoyable on Smart TVs and with handful of devices that have innovated further offering better usability, faster performance, watching TV programs becomes more immersive, especially when you’re watching with a 4K HDR. The 4K High Dynamic Range gives ultimate picture quality with brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). When it […]


Emerald City, a fantastic reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz now exclusively on iflix


 Dorothy Gale. If that name struck you, that’s because she is ‘the’ Dorothy Gale, the girl from The Wizard of Oz books and adaptation that you will meet again in a fantastic reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s work, exclusively on iflix, Emerald City is available for streaming and subscribers can download the first six episodes of NBCUniversal’s drama series. In the first episode “The Beast Forever”, viewers will be introduced to 20-year-old Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) who was swept up into the eye of a tornado which transported her to another world — a mystical land where an all-powerful ruler […]


The new Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerators will keep market food fresh up to 7 days


 Good news to all moms and those who love going to the market and keep the food inside the refrigerator right after. Electrolux’s latest innovation in technology will now keep market food fresh up to 7 days. That’s the new Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerators that comes in stylish and elegant French Door, Three Door, and Top Freezer designs moms, kids, and dads will love. For us in our home, Electrolux is always our choice when it comes to kitchen appliances. We had the classic Water Purifier back in the days when Electrolux introduced them in the 80s. Those were the […]


Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay Spacious Suites


   During our 4-day Group Getaway weekend stay at Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay, we were able to get a glimpse of the spacious suites that the hotel property is offering. We visited and viewed 4 suites. We had a tour at the Family Room, 2 Bedroom Apartment Suite, 1 Bedroom Apartment Suite, and Deluxe Hotel Room. Each suite have all the basic features and amenities that caters with the different types of guests of the hotel. Reservations also come with a smart bracelet that is used for unlocking the main doors to the suite. It works like a key card but wearable. It is also water […]


LG reveals the Perfect Black, Perfect Color OLED TV 4K


 Gone were the days when you look for a TV and you ask, “Is it cable-ready?” Now, consumers are looking for the best Smart TV and if it’s a 4K Smart TV. LG Electronics, a global innovation in TV technology, is breaking new grounds with its latest line of premium OLED TVs, and it’s now available in the country. It’s not just Smart TV, it’s OLED TV 4K. We dropped by at one of the sophisticated suites at Raffles Hotel to check out the exclusive preview of LG’s revolutionary technology set to power the TVs of tomorrow. In between munching […]


Revolutionizing convenient home living with Midea


 Home is a sanctuary and the moments spent there are precious. We take off our heels, play with our kids, and settle in to recharge which is why we seek to achieve the ideal living conditions in our homes. Vital to keeping a home are the accomplishment of chores and tasks. This is where some of the tension lies; chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and doing the laundry consume time and energy that should be spent relaxing with our loved ones. The good people from the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer, Midea, have long recognized this predicament. […]


Haier spreads love and joyful cheers with the release of new products to kick-off 2016


 In between games, trivia, bbq, and karaoke, Haier Group, a global leader in home appliance products and services, kicks-off 2016 with a Thanksgiving Party for media friends and preview big things in store for Haier this 2016. It was a fun-filled evening held in The Fort, graciously attended by Haier executives and the presence of young President & CEO, Nobuhito Hayashi, who joined in the celebration all throughout the night. The highlight was his speech in full Tagalog where he expressed his feelings and told the media how ‘masaya’ (joyful) to be part of the celebration. All guests went home with surprise gifts from […]


World’s first Curved 4K OLED TV by LG reinvents home entertainment


 LG Electronics continues to reinvent home entertainment by introducing the Organic Light Emitting Diode or simply OLED technology to its consumers. We’ve seen the latest and the world’s first Curved OLED TV that features a stunning 4K Ultra High-Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that allows deeper black and richer color contrast as you would compare it to the LED and LCD TVs that also offer slimmer and lighter in terms of design and  build. With the 4K HDR, users can enjoy 4x the full HD resolution revealing details of images on screen with impeccable clarity and this works best with the […]


TVolution Stick, game-changing computer on a stick by Intel with power-packed PLDT HOME entertainment bundle


 A month ago we introduced to you Compute Stick powered by Intel, a small device that can transform your TV screen into a computer device that you can use for work, play, and entertainment. Compute Stick is the latest from Intel technology and it’s one of the innovations that can change the way you look at personal computers and laptops. A real game-changer. Today, PLDT HOME takes lead in integrating Intel’s innovation taking off from the country’s first over-the-top (OTT) device TVolution — a small device which turns an ordinary TV into an Internet TV, the TVolution Stick takes it a step further by transforming […]


REVIEW: KATA Box bringing limitless entertainment possibilities


 Kata has just launch its newest Kata Box that puts your television to the next level, turning your regular TV into a smart TV, with just an HDMI cable and your good to go. The Kata Box lets you surf through the internet, stream contents online, play games and use smartphone apps all directly to your TV. Kata box specs Android 4.4 kitkat Amlogic S805 Quad core 1.5GHz Mali-450 ( Internal storage ) 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM Micro SD slot WIFI / LAN 2 USB type A port 1 HDMI port AV output Kata Box can also read all kinds of […]


Limitless premieres this Wednesday, Sept. 23


 Based on the film (2011) with the same name, Limitless is an American sci-fi drama for TV series  premiering this Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 9PM (8PM JKT/BK) on RTL CBS Entertainment HD. Limitless takes place after the events in the movie which stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Mora, a struggling author who found a way to use 100% of his brain’s potential by taking a pill called NZT-48. Eventually, Eddie became a US Senator in the movie. Based on on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, Eddie became obsessed with the smart pill. In Limitless TV series, Eddie found a protege in […]


A new crime-detective drama ‘Blindspot’ premieres on Warner TV


 Blindspot is a new crime-detective drama series on Warner TV premiering on September 22 right after the initial telecast of Gotham Season 2 airs on Tuesday night, two weeks from now. Blindspot is a detective-solving story conceptualized by executive producer Martin Gero who loved thrillers and treasure maps as a kid. Bindspot stars Jaimie Alexander, who played the Asgardian warrior Sif in Thor, as the mysterious woman referred as ‘Jane Doe‘ by the FBI. Jane was found naked, with cryptic tattoos all over her body, inside a duffel bag in Times Square, New York City. Unclear of what had happened to her, Jane also […]


#FearOnSky is coming with AMC Fear 8 Days Free on SkyCable


 The much-awaited spin-off to AMC‘s The Walking Dead will be seen finally US and Asia. Fear The Walking Dead will start airing its first episode on Aug. 24, same day seen in the US. In the Philippines, FTWD will air at exactly 9:10 AM on channels Ch 106: Metro Manila, Camanava/Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte) and Ch 420: Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Baguio, Iloilo. SkyCable gives AMC Fear for 8 Days Free beginning on Aug. 19 and will end on Aug. 26, 2015. After that subscribers will then need to subscribe to AMC to watch the next episode of Fear The Walking […]


Real Living and Avida celebrate next generation interior designers


 Real Living, the country’s best-selling home magazine and Avida  Land, leading developer for the mid-market segment of the industry, partnered with noted interior designers to style the magazine’s latest model unit based on a one-bedroom layout provided by Avida Towers Vita at Vertis North. Gino Erana with Kristine Neri-Magturo (mentor); Joevie Andrew Tuquib with John Vigilia (mentor); and Jane Karla Samson with Hannah Acab Faustino (mentor) shared their interior design skills by dressing up Real Living’s one-bedroom unit styling the Bedroom, Living Room, and Kitchen/Dining Area, respectively. Kristine and Gino drew inspiration from a young newlywed couple’s fun and active lifestyle. Modern, […]

Feel the healthy air with Philips Air Purifier

Fight indoor air pollution with Philips Air Purifier


 Aside from the noise and traffic, another thing that hassles most of the city dwellers is the heavy and harmful air pollution along the road which apparently, is also a problem inside their homes World Health Organization (WHO) stated that yearly, around 4.3 million of people around the world die due to indoor air pollution that is usually caused by emissions from domestic appliances like space heaters and cooking stoves. “Indoor air pollution poses a greater danger to everyone because we spend most of our time indoors. Additionally, the space is smaller and often sealed so the pollution tend to […]


LG 105-inch Curved Super UHDTV is wow!


  If you are figuring how you’ll fit the all-new LG 105-inch Curved Super ULTRA HD TV into your living room, we also asked that same question. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your entertainment room or get a new home renovations to fit in the large LG TV. Just recently, LG Electronics Philippines just released the 105-inch Curved Super UHD TV and made available to the public on retail stores. The staggering 105-inch TV boasts of a resolution of over 11 million pixels (5120 x 2160)—five times more than on a Full HD TV—and CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio. These elements deliver […]

TCL DSC00150.

TCL boasts new TV Display standards with LED and OLED


 Maintaining its promise of providing superior and more interactive home entertainment experiences, TCL Multimedia introduces new TV display technologies and overarching brand theme of ‘a visual feast of color.’ On their successful debut at CES 2015, TCL’ Wide Color Gamut and industry-leading Quantum Dot technologies feature on a host of exciting new line of product launches this year, including the new Quantum Dot TV H9700, the Curved 4K UHD TV H8800, and the 4K UHD E6800, which will present an impressive new standard in visual display for TV manufacturers. The new Quantum Dot display technology, provided by TCL, is able […]


AXN Asia’s official statement in response with the announcement of ‘early result’ of AGT Grand Champion


 Though it was a bit frustrating for the nation who kept glued patiently waiting for the announcement of Asia’s Got Talent Grand Winner, AXN Asia has always been positive even if the announcement came in ‘as early’ even before the scheduled program was aired on AXN Channel.  “We trusted that our audience would respect our request for no spoilers on social media prior to the official telecast on AXN. Unfortunately, certain members of the audience could not contain their excitement,” said AXN Asia on its statement following El Gamma Penumbra‘s early announcement as winner in the talent competition, Asia’s Got […]

David Webb explains everything about New Generation 2015

Turner’s New Generations 2015 study reveals TV still runs as top media platform amid Internet era


 Television is still running as top among all media platform amid this era where internet and gadgets are easily accessible, according to a study conducted by Turner Broadcasting System. Citing all the findings they released recently in New Generations 2015, a study that analyzes the habits and preferences of today’s connected Filipino kids, it was revealed recently in an event held at Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City. In their study, TV remains as the highest media platform, with 94% of the total respondents who have tuned in on the month surveyed. It was followed by online usage having a percentage of 93%. […]

Charles Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Concepcion Midea Inc. (James T. Austria)

Concepcion Midea ‘pushes’ more innovative products of air cooling solutions for their consumers


 Concepcion Midea Inc. presented their latest air conditioning products that will perfectly suit the Philippine market. Midea has recently launched their line of cooling solutions designed to fit the need of ‘newly’ homeowners and businesses and they are bringing more to the country. “These products are tested to suit the Philippine market,” said Jo Anne Salazar of Concepcion Midea Inc., marketing division, “we don’t just make products and bring them here, we make sure that those products will work perfectly in the country.” Salazar explained that the newest models of Midea air conditioning line have undergone series of tests and […]

Remington Philippines Launch

Tocoms welcomes Remington to Philippine market


 Clarence Cu, president of Tocoms Philippines proudly announces their exclusive distribution of Remington to the Philippine market in the Remington Launch at the Green Sun Hotel on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. “We are excited to bring to the Philippines the most trusted brand in hair care, grooming, depilation, and shaving,” said Cu, “Remington products are not just about exceptional quality, it brings forth a transformation for its users.” Remington has been around for over 70 years, providing the world’s first body hair trimmer and other shaving products. More to that, Remington products are now sold in more than 85 countries including […]


DEVANT: Official TV brand partner of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron


 Twice to be exact, we were privileged enough to be invited to this year’s most awaited Marvel franchise’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in its first screening days, through the generosity of our friends from local PR practitioners. Seeing the Avengers: Age of Ultron was a big thing to us and we greatly appreciate the effort of those who made the movie screenings possible. During the entire run of Avengers: Age of Ultron in Philippine cinemas, you might have seen the prep of Marvel collateral, like the life-sized displays of Avengers characters, and the movie trailer shown on the TV screen […]

LG Philippines Home Entertainment Vice President Mr. Hoony Bae with LG Sales Head Mr. Anton Aguila.

LG launches picture perfect Super Ultra HD TV


 Global technology innovator LG Electronics introduces yet another cutting-edge innovation in the home entertainment industry, the picture perfect, premium line-up of Super ULTRA HD TVs in the Philippines. Comprising the razor-thin UF950T and the curved UG8700, the LG Super UHD TVs debuted officially at established consumer electronics store Anson’s at The Link, Makati City. The collection carries distinct TV models in different sizes, all bringing to life stunning picture bursting with vibrant color accuracy, among more impressive features. LG Philippines Home Entertainment Vice President Mr. Hoony Bae was present during the unveiling of the LG Super UHD TV. The Ultra-Slim […]


Free Seminar: Juicing for Health, Beauty and Wellness by Hurom Slow Juicer and SpeedyCourse Philippines


 SpeedyCourse Philippines has teamed up with Hurom Slow Juicer to kick off the summer season with a FREE health and wellness seminar: Juicing for Health, Beauty and Wellness. As the juicing trend continues to make waves, the increasing number of recipes, ingredients, “diet” menus and contrasting opinions on juicing leave many people with the question: “How is juicing really beneficial to our health?” In this seminar, Maria Socorro ‘Cocoi’ M. Andal, Naturopathy Practitioner and Health & Wellness Advocate, will talk about what our bodies need as true nutrition, its sources and how fresh fruit and vegetable juicing can help meet […]