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Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay Spacious Suites


   During our 4-day Group Getaway weekend stay at Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay, we were able to get a glimpse of the spacious suites that the hotel property is offering. We visited and viewed 4 suites. We had a tour at the Family Room, 2 Bedroom Apartment Suite, 1 Bedroom Apartment Suite, and Deluxe Hotel Room. Each suite have all the basic features and amenities that caters with the different types of guests of the hotel. Reservations also come with a smart bracelet that is used for unlocking the main doors to the suite. It works like a key card but wearable. It is also water […]

URATEX MY HOME. A good slepp is the one key to maintaining good health and ensuring energy.

Here’s a good quality sleep solution from the mattress that we trust all through the years


 Why do we need a good quality sleep and what types of mattress should we use to experience a good sleep? Often times because of work, we forgot to spend a good quality of sleeping time, especially those who work during night shift. People who are also active on social media, online media or bloggers, lack good amount of sleep because of the time they spent in front of the computer. People who failed to get a good amount of sleep sometimes get irritable or perform poorly in work. Don’t you know that and adult needs  7-9 hours of sleep to […]