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Real Living Space presents Ultimate Shopping and Design Show House 2015


 The country’s best-selling home magazine, Real Living presents Real Living Space 2015 to showcase the Ultimate Shopping and Design Show House with the partnership between premier land developer, Avida Land Corp. to bring the pages of the magazine to life in specially styled spaces. “It’s one thing to look through the pages of Real Living to get design inspiration for your home, but with our annual event, Real Living Space, we have always strived to take it a step further,” said Tom Castaneda, Real Living’s associate publisher. “This year’s event, now in its third year, once again allowed our readers […]

Jasmine Curtis-Smith covers four glossy magazines for the month of April

Jasmine Curtis-Smith celebrates 21st birthday with 4 magazine covers and as advocate of World Vision


  Birthdays are precious moments that will make us realize how long we have been existing into this world and when does an individual comes to the¬† age of maturity, which is likely the age of 21, where you change from a carefree teenager to a more mature young adult. Jasmine Curtis-Smith, actress, top endorser and a youth icon, is now at the stage of her maturity. But unlike others, she celebrates her 21st birthday through different and significant ways, particularly through life-defining career moves and more determined effort of helping through advocates. Being an advocate Jasmine has been helping […]


COOK Magazine celebrates milestone journeys


 Inspiring journey One of the memorable and inspiring event that we’ve attended during the last quarter of the year, exactly a month before Christmas, was the celebration and Thanksgiving bash of COOK Magazine that was held at F1 Hotel in Taguig. Through the invitation of our good friend Marlon Aldenese, Advertising Sales Manager, COOK, we were able to join the merry-making and dinner-party holiday bash of COOK Magazine. It inspires us because, like Marlon, we are also running a magazine, which is also in print. Yes, at this age of the new millennium where ¬†everyone is going digital, we are […]