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Unlocking your ‘Green Arrow’ persona at Kodanda Archery Range


 If you’re a longtime fan of DC comics and CWs ‘Arrow’, you’ll know who the Green Arrow is. Though there are different story versions from these two references, the Green Arrow is characterized with expertise in archery, using his bow and arrow to avenged his failed city, Star City. According to its online definition, archery is a  “sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.” Remember Robin Hood of Nottingham? Well, if you want to […]


Lethal Weapon back on Warner TV


 Mention Lethal Weapon, the movie, and you’ll probably remember Mel Gibson and Danny Glover of this buddy-cop action film. Oh. You don’t? Because you weren’t even born yet when Lethal Weapon franchise came out in the late 80s up to the 90s. Lethal Weapon happens to be a classic cop-duo film that made Mel and Danny a household name during those years. Lucky for you, millennials, that blockbuster hit is now a TV series and you’ll be able to connect with the cop and chase detective story. It’s not a prequel nor sequel but a reboot of the movie now […]


Mad Dogs is a Hangover style in Belize


 I saw Mad Dogs first two episodes ahead of the US and Philippine premiere telecast, thanks to HOOQ TV who is bringing this action thriller series on video-on-demand platform. My first impression was it kinda looked like Hangover II where our boys in Mad Dogs were drawn to complicated matters arising from a murder of their best pal in Belize. A quick Google search and it pointed to a certain country in Central America bordered in between Mexico, Guatemala, and the Carribean Sea. Mad Dogs is the story of five friends who went to Belize on a purpose of vacation […]


Who is Agent X?


 There’s a new spy detective agent in town and he is coming on Warner TV premiering on Monday, November 9 at 8:10 PM. Agent X is the newest TV series to expect on Warner TV along with Gotham S2 on Tuesdays at 9 PM followed by Blindspot at 9:50 PM, iZombie S2 on Wednesdays at 9 PM, Arrow S4 on Thursdays at 9 PM, and The Big Bang Theory S9 on Fridays at 9 PM. We’ve been following these series and every episodes of these titles get bigger and exciting. And now there’s a new one to catch up to. It’s […]


The Last Ship Season 2 premiere double-episode is just awesome!


 ‘Olympia has surrendered‘ (Spoiler alert) That  is what exactly Amy Granderson (played by Alfre Woodard) vice-chair of the US President’s Defense Policy Board told Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), commanding officer of the USS Nathan James (DDG-151), when she finally lost her power of authority to Chandler on Season 2 Episode 2, premiering on Monday, June 22 on Warner TV. But first, let’s go back to Season 1 finale, where all the action on S2 premiere started. The Last Ship Season 1 Finale ended on the promise of saving the people by finding the cure and bringing it ashore. And then, state troopers allied with Granderson taking […]


CW releases Arrow and The Flash fan exclusive trailer “Superhero Fight Club”


 Have you seen this yet? If not, you better watch this now. CW releases the Arrow and The Flash fan exclusive trailer called Superhero Fight Club to announce the respective Final Episodes of the two hit shows! The fan exclusive trailer seems almost like a real episode but unfortunately, it’s not. We would love to see this fight club scene if it were just as real part of the shows. It’s that part where Reverse Flash came in and Firestorm disrupted the fight that really highlighted the trailer. Always remember, the club has only one rule: There are NO RULES! […]


Game of Thrones Season 5 airs April 13 at 9 AM on HBO, same time as U.S.


 The most awaited Emmy– and Golden Globe-winning GAME OF THRONES returns April 13 to the Philippines, same time as U.S., to debut its ten new episodes of its fifth season weekly 9 AM on HBO, to be repeated same day at 9 PM.  The series will also be available on HBO GO on the same day. To the completion of the GoT World Premiere, HBO Asia brings a life-sized replica of Iron Throne, the seat of the Kings as seen in the series, to Manila. This Iron Throne will be open to the public from April 8-10 at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street for them to experience […]


New Arrow trailer teases with Roy in jail; OliCity finally happening; and Oliver Queen becoming the heir to Ra’s al Ghul!


 Whew! That was a fast-paced Arrow trailer teasing a lot more than we expected. It’s the remaining 5 big episodes and here we are being gifted with with CW‘s Sacrifice Look Ahead one packed trailer of what’s going to happen next. Teaser #1 First we see Roy got arrested and Oliver talking to him. Oliver promised he’ll bolt Roy out of jail. Teaser #2 Then we see Oliver and Felicity, this time and finally, taking their clothes off and getting into that romantic sex everyone’s been waiting for. OliCity has arrived! Teaser #3 Looks like Ray got giddy of the team-up with […]


From The Walking Dead to The Flash, Emily Kinney is back as Felicity Smoak’s nemesis!


 Everybody got heartbroken and fans were devastated when the news broke out that Beth Greene was killed in The Walking Dead Season 5… Everyone was hoping that Beth would somehow get resurrected and be back to the worldwide hit series but how? She’s been dead and buried… But Emily Kinney is not! Oh yeah! Reports came in this morning and The Walking Dead alumna Kinney, who plays Beth Greene has been cast in The Flash as the typically male nemesis of The Atom has been confirmed. But in a gender-bending twist on DC Comics’ Bug-Eyed Bandit. As Brie Larvan (Bertram in comics), Kinney […]

HOOQ is a regional video-on-demand subscription service by Singtel, Sony and Warner Bros. HOOQ will deliver over 10,000 Hollywood blockbusters and popular local programmes to customers anytime, anywhere by enabling them to stream and download their favourite shows on their device or platform of choice. For more information, visit

Asia’s first Video On Demand service, HOOQ arrives in the Philippines in partnership with Globe Telecom


 Globe Telecom announced their venture into VOD (Video on Demand) with Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment start-up venture called HOOQ during last night’s celebration of 5th Wonderful World with Globe held at The Eye at Green Sun Hotel in Makati. HOOQ is a start-up joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment that will enable customers of Globe Telecom to enjoy unlimited online streaming access and an offline viewing option to top Hollywood and Filipino movie and television content, via any device including computers, smartphones and tablets. Sounds interesting. HOOQ has more than 10,000 movies and […]


Spoiler Alert: Arrow/Oliver Queen is alive


 SPOILER ALERT: Don’t continue reading this if you haven’t seen the latest Arrow episode “Left Behind”. In this Arrow: Season 3 latest episode “Left Behind,” Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has come back to life and the excitement for the ‘return of The Arrow‘ in Starling City‘ is leveling up. But before he (Oliver) could come back and return to his city, we must first find out how the hell he was brought back to life. In the mid-season finale “The Climb” we all saw how Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable), defeated Oliver in a sword fight duel challenge and ended Oliver’s life by striking […]


3 Flaws in the beginning of Taken 3


 “I’ll come for you. I’ll find you. And we both know what’s going to happen!” Those were strong threatening words. In Taken 3 (also stylized TAK3N) we are brought to the story of a man seeking revenge on the murder of his ex-wife, a continuous life cycle of revenge from the character of ex-covert operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson). The Taken installment is always the most anticipating film ever since its released in 2008. But as Taken 3 progressed in the beginning, we’ve noticed 3 flaws (morally and lawfully disturbing from the start) so predictably it gone wrong. On the first case. When Bryan‘s daughter […]

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2014. Not bad for a reboot.

MOVIE REVIEW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 still has the Cowabunga appeal


 Hate to break this but contrary to some critics predictions, Michael Bay‘s reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (2014) wasn’t a shallow one. We too got the initial thoughts that we’d be bombarded with hundred million of dollars special effects that would ‘kill’ the story-line but we were wrong. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (2014) movie kicks-ass, admit it or not. But of course, we could not please everyone.And for those, and that include us, who think that Megan Fox would not fit to play April O’Neil because of her too much good look, well, fortunately for her, she did just well in this […]

LUCY MOVIE REVIEW. Twisting full brain capacity in this breath-taking action film starring Scarlett Johansson.

MOVIE REVIEW: Lucy transcends to a vivid trip of human philosophy on the big screen


 Finally, we’ve seen Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson on the big screen at the Promenade Theater in Greenhills and we shall say that this movie, aside from it will leave you on a cliff of wanting for a sequel (which we doubt won’t happen in the near future), is entertaining enough to slow your heartbeat with its action packed and gruesome scenes as the story picks up its plot. Imagine the Matrix and Limitless combined, Lucy transcends to a vivid trip of human philosophy on the big screen.The story is quite simple yet it defies the essence of creation and the logic of the […]