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Watch: New 10 things you did not know about The Walking Dead


 Only 5 days to go and we will be seeing The Walking Dead Season 6 premiering this October 11. In relation to that, Fear The Walking Dead just concluded its 6-episode run of Season 1 with the family of Travis Manawa leaving L.A. and onto the Pacific. Also, AMC has debuted online the Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 just right after the season finale of the show. Flight 462 is a 16-part webseries which will be available online and on every commercial break of The Walking Dead Season 6. Flight 462’s remaining webisodes will have a minute or less than in length. And […]


Fear The Walking Dead S01E04 and Gotham S02E01 open up with ‘Perfect Day’ song by Lou Reed


 It was like deja vu. Both Fear The Walking Dead S01E04 and Gotham S02E01 open up with Lou Reed‘s ‘Perfect Day‘. That was one hell of a great opening song for these two shows which shows the melancholy of Fear The Walking Dead and Gotham. I noticed the song being played after hearing it as the rest of the villains were shown and Barbara Kean Gordon slowly walks inside Arkham Asylum. Then boom! I know I just heard it somewhere. Then I googled the recent shows that I’d watched including FTWD. And I was damn right. That song played as […]


#FearOnSky is coming with AMC Fear 8 Days Free on SkyCable


 The much-awaited spin-off to AMC‘s The Walking Dead will be seen finally US and Asia. Fear The Walking Dead will start airing its first episode on Aug. 24, same day seen in the US. In the Philippines, FTWD will air at exactly 9:10 AM on channels Ch 106: Metro Manila, Camanava/Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte) and Ch 420: Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Baguio, Iloilo. SkyCable gives AMC Fear for 8 Days Free beginning on Aug. 19 and will end on Aug. 26, 2015. After that subscribers will then need to subscribe to AMC to watch the next episode of Fear The Walking […]

MORGAN APPEARS AND REUNITED WITH RICK ON TWD'S SEASON 5 FINALE CONQUER. In one interview, Lennie James (actor playing Morgan Jones), revelaed that he's rest assured that he's appearing at least in one episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 5 ends with Conquer; returns with Season 6 this October


 The Walking Dead Season 5 finale Conquer ended with a catapulting drama, so to speak. Something to reel in for preparation for the next season which we will all be waiting on October 2015. Conquer was a great finale and thanks to AMC that there were no major characters got killed this time. We thought so, but it did not happen. It was a guessing game as to who will breathe the last between Daryl and Glenn. That moment when Daryl and Aaron got trapped inside a car was a nerve-wrecking moment although we were almost sure that someone will rescue them just to keep […]