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Feel and look good inside and out with Luminisce


 It’s not our first time to visit and walked-in to a beauty clinic so we know probably much what to expect. But for guys like us, it’s not our daily drive. Perhaps a visit to a beauty clinic could be just dropping-off the lady or maybe to experience once in a while a couple of hours of holistic pampering. In our case, it’s to see and feel the experience at Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic that made us decide to spend our treatment session under the proper guidance of Dr. Kaycee Reyes. As soon as we arrived at Luminisce, a very warm […]

LESSON FROM THE EXPERT. Dr. Maria Cecilia Catapang, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Scalp Expert gave information about hair loss.

Spotlight on Alopecia Areata and how to deal with it


 There are a bunch of problems when it comes to hair loss and this time around, we’ll discuss how men and women deal with it with the help from the experts. Hair is the central to perception of beauty and attractiveness, that’s why shampoo commercials bank on women with thick hair to endorse their product. But sometimes there are misconceptions or false claim and without research from companies just to sell their products. Oftentimes, this results to more damaging the hair than effectively maintaining it. Dr. Maria Cecilia Catapang, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Scalp Expert, shared these valuable information during the press conference of […]