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Granny’s Peach Tea is Lex Luthor’s ‘bucket full of pee’


 Yep. That’s what we think of it. And that is why Sen. June Finch (Holly Hunter) cringed when she saw and realized the mason jar in front of her was labeled Granny’s Peach Tea. It wasn’t the bomb that shook her. It was the pee! The urine. Warning: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, leave now or forever regret this moment it ever happened. But if you’ve seen it already, have fun and enjoy our little effort of unraveling mysteries from this epic superhero movie directed by Zack Snyder. Okay let’s go back to […]

Dr. Lapitan with her team (James T. Austria)

Important things to know about urinary incontinence and how to prevent the disease


 Dr. Marie Carmela Lapitan from Philippine General Hospital discussed about the disease called Urinary Incontinence or as she mentioned ‘involuntary leakage of urine’ “Sometimes when you [the patient] found an infection in the ladder, it becomes irritable and once it’s irritated it will suddenly contract and you will also leak,” said Lapitan. Lapitan described the disease as a cause of some early discovered diseases and habitual or behavioral activities of the patient, and it may also be caused by muscle control problem. “When the patient suffers from urinary incontinence, it means that the support of the bladder is weak,” she […]