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Lenovo honors youth group Order of Asclepius at the TAYO Awards Ceremony

Grand Lady Asclepian Angeli Portigo honored by Lenovo at TAYO Awards


 After winning the 2014 Most Innovative Project award at the recent Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation, Inc. Ceremony, Angeli Nicole Portigo was given a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 as a gift from Lenovo Philippines General Manager, Michael Ngan. Portigo is the Grand Lady Asclepian from the youth group Order of Asclepius (OA) of the College of Medicine in the West Visayas State University. OA was honored at the TAYO Awards for its two-part video package, Order in Action: Videos for Health Skills (OAVHS). They are also known for regularly conducting free medical and surgical missions, and spearheads health […]

A SETH MACFARLANE SERIES. We are all stars – COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey.

We are all stars – COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey


 A much-awaited sequel from the 80s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan has come to television once more to tell us how humans developed their concept of the laws of nature and their place in the universe. We are talking about us. 13 billion years ago, some starts died in the universe and fragments of it are embedded in us. The iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones are all products of stars that have long since died some 10 – 13 billion years ago. Surprised? How about knowing that the world isn’t flat and we are […]