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Gringo Honasan Transcribed (Part 1): “I’ll put my 42 years of public service on the line and tell the people that what makes me different – the strength, courage of my convictions, and the audacity to make things happen. I will help solve crimes or die trying”


 Election period or not, we have had the opportunities on several occasions to meet and sit down with former soldier-turned-rebel-turned senator Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II, mostly commonly known as Gringo Honasan, and every time we see him it’s always the same man we’ve met like the first time we met him some couple of years ago. The gallant Honasan, who would be turning 68 this March 14, was an ordinary  soldier for 17 years prior to his 7 years stint as a rebel, and 18 years as senator. He’s keen and planning to retire on 2019, “But I think God wants […]

Professor Winnie Monsod lectures for NHCP and PEQF event

Prof. Winnie Monsod lectures Philippines’ Post-war Economic History


 The National Historical Commission of the Philippines ties up with the President Elpidio Quirino Foundation (PEQF) in hosting the first of a series of lectures in line with the celebration of the 125th birth anniversary of the late former president. Invited to speak on the event is Professor Solita “Winnie” Monsod, Professor Emeritus, School of Economics in the University of the Philippines Diliman, about the Philippines’ postwar economy under Quirino; entitled The Economy and Polity: EQ 1948-1953. “The lecture series was designed to give youth today a better understanding of the challenges that our country faced after the war under […]