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Everybody wins together as OLX community continues its growth as leading online classified platform


 We are pretty much sure that 80-90% of our Filipino readers here have in one-time or frequently used the online classified platform OLX to buy or sell previously owned goods and cars, inquire for latest job openings, and check a house or space for rent or for sale. OLX has been a household name as the brand steadily grown over the last ten years. In the Philippines, OLX receives over 40,000 new listings placed every day. As its local community of active users grows, the platform continues to respond to users’ needs and demands. And to strengthen OLX Philippines ties to their beloved […]


Upwork debuts new features aimed at connecting business with great talent, faster and easier


 For those who are curious, Upwork is the new Elance-oDesk, the world’s largest freelance talent marketplace. Upwork  introduces a new freelance talent platform called Upwork Talent. With this, Upwork freelancer have the opportunities to get paid more and allowed to work at their own pace. Ryan Johnson, Categories Director, Customer Service, Upwork and Ron Cirujano, Country Manager, Philippines, Upwork, meet up with the press at Romulo Cafe this morning as they launch Upwork in the country. This is the first time for Ryan to visit the Philippines and is really excited for the future of Upwork. “Upwork is the way to signify the […]

TALENTBIN BY MONSTER. aims to help employers and recruiters through TalentBin by Monster is finally launching its new product, TalentBin by Monster in Southeast Asia. Through this product, employers and recruiters will be able to hire niche talent in the Philippines, as well as the wider SEA region. Looking online for a niche and specialised talent is never that easy. Thought they have CV online, it barely noticed, giving the recruiters a hard time to connect with them. In social sites where talent are active, TalentBin by Monster will gather available information to build a profile that will uplift hidden talent and candidates. “Skilled technology talent is hard to find and […]


One of the important items on a fresh graduate’s resume is internship


 Consider internship as your first base in the actual world of employment because employers nowadays give and consider it as one of the qualifications when hiring new applicants. Employers knew that internship experience will give applicants their best feel of their work when they are hired in the future for a regular job. So remember fresh graduates of 2015, when looking for your first job, internship will also give you the best experience and advantage when applying for a job. 3 items that employers want fresh graduates to emphasize on their resume and interview:  Internship Grades Extracurricular activities Top 5 universities in […]


How much salary are you getting paid for? Is it worth it?


 What’s your talent’s worth compared to your salary? Are you getting paid for, for what you are worth for as an employee? have the answers for these questions to educate both the employees and employers, as well as the public on the real trend in compensations based on their latest Annual Salary Report 2015. Last year, the leading online job site shared with us what industries pay with great salary. This year, shifts the report’s focus from top industries to top specializations, as information regarding the latter could be more impactful for jobseekers. After all, the first thing Filipinos consider when […]

MONSTER.COM PHILIPPINES VIRTUAL JOB FAIR. holds Virtual Job Fair from Feb. 23-27 Philippines is excited to announce the upcoming job fair for the young, skilled, and determined job seekers in the Philippines and have an opportunity to directly interact with companies searching for fresh talent at the Virtual Career Fair happening from February 23 to 27. This is the 5th time that (Philippines), a leading online and career recruitment solutions provider, will run the popular event. Combining a number of employers with vacancies for a huge range of jobs, the career fair aims to virtually connect local skilled professionals with new job opportunities. Companies participating in the upcoming Virtual Career Fair (VCF) include […]

JOBSTREET.COM 2014 BONUSES REPORT. Fitz Villafuerte, author of Guide To Investing, together with Ed Uy of

How to properly manage your Christmas Bonus according to financial guru


 It’s that season once again and as identifies which industries tops the best bonuses providers – which we will reveal next. But first, allow us to share some tips on how to properly manage your Christmas Bonuses according to financial adviser, Fitz Villafuerte. According to Fitz, a Registered Financial Planner and a Blogger who authored the book, Guide To Investing, people failed in saving and spending their hard earned money wisely because they lack the knowledge on properly investing and managing their income, salaries, and Christmas Bonuses. “It’s difficult to start the habit if you are doing it the […]