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Why Miriam Defensor Santiago should be the next President of the Philippines


 We ran an article about the Poe-Escudero tandem last August 2015 when the talks of pairing them were being boiled on the press. It was an exciting tandem so to speak. It was before the height of Grace Poe’s citizenship controversy. And as much as the pairing elicit fun fare, we thought that an Escudero-Poe tandem could be much better choice instead of the other way around. We just based it on both Escudero and Poe’s political experiences, and the former has the most advantage when it comes to that field. Still on that article, you may want to read Escudero-Poe […]


Gringo Honasan Transcribed (Part 1): “I’ll put my 42 years of public service on the line and tell the people that what makes me different – the strength, courage of my convictions, and the audacity to make things happen. I will help solve crimes or die trying”


 Election period or not, we have had the opportunities on several occasions to meet and sit down with former soldier-turned-rebel-turned senator Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II, mostly commonly known as Gringo Honasan, and every time we see him it’s always the same man we’ve met like the first time we met him some couple of years ago. The gallant Honasan, who would be turning 68 this March 14, was an ordinary  soldier for 17 years prior to his 7 years stint as a rebel, and 18 years as senator. He’s keen and planning to retire on 2019, “But I think God wants […]


Commuters stranded for almost 4 hrs. as INC members protest against DOJ De Lima and for the separation of church and state


 Commuters either going home or coming for work last night were greeted with horrendous traffic and road blockage when Iglesia Ni Cristo members trooped to EDSA Shaw in Ortigas and Mandaluyong area to protest against Secretary Laila De Lima and the DOJ for meddling in the internal affairs of the religious group following the investigation of the abduction of some of its members. The INC members held a protest in front of DOJ office in Padre Faura before heading to EDSA Shrine for a mass protest later in the evening. Florencio Jusay, Jr., blogger, Manual To Lyf, who was in the […]

OFWs appeal to Bureau of Customs new Balikbayan Box Tax Rule


 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the globe and their families in the country are appealing to the Bureau of Customs headed by Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina to stop implementing new Balikbayan Box Tax Rule where customs officials are allowed to open and inspect incoming balikbayan boxes for taxable goods. This new rule, according to the Customs Chief Lina will prevent the abuse on sending items that ‘can well may be used for commercial purposes.’ “The contents of a balikbayan box must not exceed US$500.00 in value. Canned goods, grocery items and other household effects must not exceed a dozen a kind, while apparel, […]


Escudero-Poe tandem plausible in 2016


 Recently,  the Escudero-Poe tandem floats as one of the powerhouse team to beat in the coming Philippines 2016 Election. This, if both Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero and Sen. Grace Poe will come to a final decision and seal their political partnership. This would be a great tandem to watch out for. Chiz for President and Poe for Vice President. But why not the other way around? Although Poe has a powerful charisma over to win people’s hearts and votes, it would be smart for her to stay on the second position for the meantime, rather to seek the highest position in the land this early. […]

WHAT A LAME REASONING. Really??? The Palace wants the MRT passengers to look for other modes of transportation?!

Really??? The Palace wants the MRT passengers to look for other modes of transportation?!


 Every week seems to have gone from bad to worst, and everyday is the baddest of them all. A few weeks ago, The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) already had it in the offing when the South-bound commute was temporarily closed from Shaw to EDSA-Taft Station. So from North Ave., the ride will only take you to Shaw. That happened on a Saturday late afternoon.  Then it happened one more time the following Monday.  And even days before that incident, the MRT trains suffered from an on and off technical difficulties and obviously, the paying passengers were the ones who got hassled. Just so […]

THIS MORNING AT MRT NORTH EDSA STATION. Anakpawis protests and denounces MRT General Manager Vitangcol.

Anakpawis rallies and denounces MRT General Manager Vitangcol


 Earlier this morning as we were about to take steps to the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) platform in North EDSA Station, we were greeted with a sight of Anakpawis protesting and denouncing the declining systems management of the public transport. They are also calling for the ouster of MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol. We got interested and decided to shoot some photos for us to share. (RELATED: Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda apologized to all MRT commuters) When we finished, we rushed back to the entrance but the guard on duty tried to refuse us entry prompting us to snap a little and while […]

OUTDOOR PARKS SAFETY RULES AND GUIDELINES. Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident.

Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident


   UPDATE: April 11, 2014 (3;02 PM): We received a call from Ms. Jingjing Romero of STRATOS, Inc. and we truly appreciate her for doing this so.  We just want to share with you the latest development on this incident before you go on reading the article below. Ms. Jingjing told us that Vance and Rica could check-out from World Citi hospital and they are just in the process of recovering for two more days from now. ALVIERA through Ayala Land, Inc. has already paid the initial expenses that the Madrid had incurred from the day they were rushed to […]

A BEAUTY QUEEN REMARKS. You'll never guess what Miss Universe Philippines 2014 Mary Jean Lastimosa had told her haters.

Miss Universe Philippines 2014 Mary Jean Lastimosa responds back at her haters and you’ll never guess what she had told them


 Newly crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2014 beauty queen, pride of North Cotabato has only a few words for her haters and detractor, embrace and pray for them. “I just might as well have to embrace them. Because you know they are just wasting their time reading something about you, means that you’re running through their heads. And I know that there might be some reasons or some ideas why… or opinions why they think so. And I think sometimes it’s okay to listen. You can learn something from it.  I mean every opinion matters. We’re not perfect. Maybe some people sees, […]

MRT TO ACQUIRE NEW TRAINS. Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda apologized to all MRT commuters.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda apologized to all MRT commuters


 Earlier today, inside the Press Briefing Room in the New Executive Bldg. in Malacañang, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda apologized to all Metro Rail Transit (MRT) commuters who are enduring the hassles affecting their everyday activities and with regards to the status of the MRT. Lacierda announced that the Department of Transportation and Communications is in the process of acquiring additional 48 coaches from a winning bidder from China to supplement the lacking demand of train coaches. There were no reports if this new update will also coincide to an increase in the fare rate table. In our opinion, an increase in the fare rate table is justifiable […]

FROM POSSIBLE TO BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDINGS. Disappearance of Malaysia Airline MH370 is almost likely the pilot episode for 'LOST' says DECODED's host Brad Meltzer.

Disappearance of Malaysia Airline MH370 is almost likely the pilot episode for ‘LOST’ says DECODED’s host Brad Meltzer


 Since Flight MH370 is missing without a trace and nobody knows it’s fate, there are multiple theories, many theories on what possibly happen to that plane. Did it vanished due to terrorism, was it hijacking? Was it a catastrophic failure or some sort? Was the jet struck by a meteor? There are many theories out there. Malaysian government theorizes it was ‘deliberately flown off’ its scheduled course but why and where is it now? These and more were the topics when Don Lemon from LIVE CNN discussed possible and weird theories surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370. His guests […]

Seriously, bomb jokes will get you into trouble.

Seriously, bomb jokes will get you into trouble


 How far could your bomb jokes go? Wanna have the  guts to take the test and see if you’ll have audience guffawing with you? Come and find out how to learn it, the hard way. This could now be the thoughts that a commercial plane passenger must be contemplating now after he was arrested by the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3 aviation police on the morning of July 12, 6:20 am, to be exact. According to witnesses, the passenger identified as Bernabe Cuello, Jr., was already inside Philippine Airlines Express 2P 967 when he was heard saying and we quote “Wala ng tao sa baba. Baka may […]

The fact is, annulment takes a lot of processes and cost higher to bear. Are you in favor for a divorce law to be implemented in the Philippines or save the sanctity of marriage being a Catholic country.

After Senate passed House Bill 4244 or Reproductive Health Bill, is there a room for Divorce Bill in the Philippines?


 After Senate passed House Bill 4244 or Reproductive Health Bill, is there a room for Divorce Bill in the Philippines? This is the hanging question now that Reproductive Health Bill or simply RH Bill, was voted and approved by 13 senators (Ed Angara, Joker Arroyo, Alan Peter Cayetano, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Franklin Drilon, Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero, Pia Cayetano, Teofisto Guingona III, Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson. Loren legarda, Ferdinand ‘Bong-bong’ Marcos, Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan and Ralph Recto) on the third an final reading on Monday, December 17. Only 8 legislators (Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile, Senate Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, Majority Floor Leader Vicente […]