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CEB JUAN OF A KIND STORIES. “More than mere movement from one place to another, more than seeing the most breath-taking sunsets of our lives, more than engaging in novelty experiences nowhere to be found back home, travel is a transformative experience,” said travel photographer Aaron Articulo.

Juan of a Kind Stories captured through series of photographs around the world


 People travel and when they do, they take pictures of anything or anyone they meet along the way. There are one of a kind stories each in every travel and what better to capture those moments is to tell them through photos. Cebu Pacific Air, through their project Juan of a Kind Stories, showcases snippets of people’s lives from different corners of the globe, celebrating travel, connections, differences in culture, and the candid encounters with people one can meet in one’s journeys. From the heartwarming to the humorous, each anecdote captures the aspirations, quirks and passions of people from various backgrounds. For […]