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Netflix takes over the world – except China, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea


 Nothing can stop Netflix and they are all over the world. Well, almost. The 69 million users video-on-demand online streaming company announced on Wednesday that surprised the tech community at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show it has operated in 130 countries across the globe, with the exceptions of China, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea because of US government policies restricting US companies from operating in those areas. It already began its service in the Philippines and also just recently, available in India. Philippine subscription starts at PhP 370, PhP 460, and PhP 550. Those who’ve purchased Kata Box and latest Kata […]


Singapore’s founding father and first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, dies at 91


 In a report shared by the New York Times, Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father and first prime minister of Singapore who transformed that tiny island outpost into one of the wealthiest and least corrupt countries in Asia, died on Monday morning. He was 91. Mr. Lee “passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3:18 a.m.,” according to a statement on the website of the office of the prime minister. Mr. Lee was prime minister from 1959, when Singapore gained full self-government from the British, until 1990, when he stepped down. Late into his life he remained […]


Middle East inaugural Challenge Dubai draws million-dollar field


 The focus turns to the Middle East this weekend for the inaugural Challenge Dubai this Friday the 27th, and the event has drawn out a million dollar field and triathlon royalty. As the first race in the Triple Crown Series encompassing Challenge Dubai, Challenge Oman, and Challenge Bahrain, which is offering the male and female athlete that wins all three events a guaranteed USD 1 million. Spain’s Javier Gomez has lodged notice of his intention to become triathlon’s first million-dollar man but the names standing in his way are plenty. The powerhouse German Michael Raelert is just one of the […]


Patrol Squadron 45 Pelicans hosted members of Philippine Air Force and Navy aboard U.S. Navy P-8A


 The Pelicans of Patrol Squadron (VP) 45 hosted members of the Philippine air force and navy aboard a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon for a familiarization flight to increase understanding and showcase the capabilities of the Navy‘s newest maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft during a detachment to Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines, last Feb. 17. The flight was a bilateral patrol mission in airspace off of Luzon Island and allowed the U.S. Navy air crew to demonstrate the P-8A‘s capabilities in both the littoral and open ocean environment and the flight characteristics of the P-8A in both high altitude […]

Actor-comedian Vhong Navarro tops Google Top Philippines Trending Searches in 2104.

Vhong Navarro tops Google Philippines Trending Search in 2014


 Google Top Trending Searches in 2014 Might be surprising to some but for those who are following Vhong Navarro‘s alleged rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo and mauling incident perpetrated by a group led by Cedric Lee, Google Philippines‘ year-end report that the actor-comedian tops the list of search in 2014 only proves that a lot of netizens are following these cases. This was revealed during Google Philippines’ Year in Search 2014 coinciding the first public appearance of Google Philippines Country Manager Ken Lingan held at Nest MNL Table & Bar in Bonifacio Global City. Following Vhong Navarro on the list are Flappy […]

NEW AGE OF DISCOVERY. The launch of Land Rover's Discovery SUV will become part of team Virgin Galactic's daily life. (Photo: Land Rover)

Launch of Land Rover’s Discovery SUV marks partnership with team Virgin Galactic’s daily life


 In New York, Land Rover, the British brand synonymous with adventure, showed off the concept for the latest version of its Discovery SUV on the deck of a retired American aircraft carrier Monday night. It also revealed a long-term global partnership with Richard Branson’s pioneering commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic. The partnership will see Land Rover vehicles become part of daily life for the Virgin Galactic team and for all ‘Future Astronauts’, the space experience will now begin with Land Rover as they arrive in New Mexico for training, and continue to the moment they drive from the space terminal building to […]

CONFUSION ARISES ON THIS BIG SHIFT ON SEARCH AREA. Breaking News! CNN reports search investigation resets with new leads that track Flight MH370 on a new area 1,684 miles from the Southern Indian Ocean.

Breaking News! CNN reports search investigation resets with new leads that track Flight MH370 on a new area 684 miles from the Southern Indian Ocean


 11:45 (EDT) There has been no verified wreckage yet reported as of this time. 11:44 (EDT) Search area is 1,273 miles NE Perth. 11:42 (EDT) Time check in Australia is 2:42 PM. 11:41 (EDT) Teams now following ‘newest, credible lead’ in search for the plane. – Australian official. 11:41 (EDT) “I will personally not use the term ‘debris field’ associated to what the satellite imagery might have spotted,” John Young. 11:39 (EDT) 10 aircraft will go to new search zone – Australian official 11:38 (EDT) New analysis shows plane has traveled faster than previously estimated. 11:37 (EDT) New search zone based on analysis of radar data – Australian official. […]

FAMILY MEMBERS ARE STILL CLUELESS. Relatives of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 passengers wants proof as Prime Minister Najib Razak accepts evidence that the Boeing 777 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean.

HOPE AGAINST HOPE, we are praying and continuing our search for survivors – Malaysia Acting Minister Transportation Hishammuddin Hussein


 BREAKING! Malaysia Acting Minister Transport thanked the Australian authorities for all the help they are giving for the search mission. The official also acknowledge the 26 countries who gave assistance in searching for the missing plane. The news briefing cam about a day after Australian Maritime Authority reported a new shift in search area that might lead to possible exact location where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370‘s last tracked position. 13:42 “It is hard challenge for me as Minister to be the one delivering the news to the passengers’ families but we will do whatever it takes,” Malaysia Acting Minister Transport. […]

TOUGH TIMES. New blows hit Malaysia Airlines as one jet hits a flock of birds in Nepal while another plane made forced landing in Hong Kong.

Breaking News! Malaysia Airlines accepts evidence that Flight MH370 went down into the Southern Indian Ocean without survivors


 As of 10:22 PM (Manila time), the following SMS message has been sent to relatives: “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.” Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says “with great sadness” data now confirms that the aircraft’s last position was in the Indian Ocean south of Perth. The announcement by the Malaysian PM […]

TOUGH TIMES. New blows hit Malaysia Airlines as one jet hits a flock of birds in Nepal while another plane made forced landing in Hong Kong.

New blows on Malaysia Airlines as one jet hits flock of birds in Nepal while another plane made forced landing in Hong Kong


 It looks like that Malaysia Airlines is having tough times these days following the disappearance of the still missing Flight MH370. Latest development in the news is that of Australian searchers located 2 objects in Indian Ocean, Malaysian official says. But Malaysia Airlines seems to be carrying big burdens affecting the performance of their other carriers. On Friday, March 21, 180 people on board a Malaysia Airlines jet had some anxious moments when the plane hit a flock of ducks as soon as it landed in Nepal, cracking its windshield, officials said. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident which took […]

MALAYSIA AIRLINES INVESTIGATION SHIFTED ANEW. A spokesperson, right, from the Malaysia Airlines speaks to the media during a news conference at a hotel in Beijing Saturday, March 8, 2014. (Photo via web)

Malaysia Airlines opens criminal investigation on missing MH370 jetliner


 A big shift on Malaysia Airlines investigation develops anew as day 9 approaches since MH370 mysteriously disappears early Saturday morning, March 8. The pilots and MH370 crew are now the center of investigation as Malaysia opened criminal investigation on the missing jetliner. Officials said that they are now in close investigation of the two pilots whose house were searched this Sunday. The two men did not request to fly together. The operation is now entering its new phase, according to Malaysia Airlines. 25 countries join search. US investigation veered into theories that someone from the cockpit or one of the crew made […]

MALAYSIA AIRLINES MH370 HAS NOT BEEN FOUND YET. Highlights of Malaysia Airlines Press Conference with Malaysia Transport Minister in Kuala Lumpur.

Highlights of Malaysia Airlines Press Conference with Malaysia Transport Minister in Kuala Lumpur


 Here are the highlights of the recently concluded Press Conference given out by Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia Transport Minister earlier on this evening, March 13, 6 PM. Excerpts derived from ST Foreign Desk live tweets. Malaysia Transport Minister: The task of finding the MH370 becomes more difficult with each passing day. Malaysia Transport Minister: Reports that MH370 flew a few hours after its last reported position are inaccurate. Malaysia found nothing in area where Chinese satellites showed possible debris. Malaysia is investigating every lead, and has sent extra ships and aircraft to search Strait of Malacca for MH370. Main area of search […]

WHAT HAPPENED TO FLIGHT MH370? Malaysia Airlines MH370 probe continues - Some possible causes for an airplane to disappear.

As the plot thickens, speculations from possible to weird scenarios develop as the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues


 It’s already two days and yet the search continues to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. No new update and confirmation has been given by airline management. Speculations grew from possible to weird scenarios as to what really happened on the jetliner. Fear of terrorist hijacking the aircraft is being eyed with the mysterious boarding of four passengers bearing false documents. Speculations that the plane crashed down South China Sea circulated in social media when a Vietnam search team reported ‘strange object’ floating 80 km southwest of Vietnam. Plot thickens as relatives of a Chinese man listed on the passenger […]

WHAT HAPPENED TO FLIGHT MH370? Malaysia Airlines MH370 probe continues - Some possible causes for an airplane to disappear.

Mysterious disappearance, Malaysia Airlines MH370 probe continues – Some possible causes for an airplane to disappear


 At this point in  time, no new developments or updates are being reported by Malaysia Airlines regarding the fate of the missing aircraft Flight MH370.  MA is still awaiting new updates from DCA on the SAR efforts. Probe includes that the jetliner might have turned back before disappearing. Meanwhile, here are some of the possible causes for the plane to disappear culled from AP‘s Scott Mayerowitz article. CATASTROPHIC FAILURE — A catastrophic structural failure of the airframe or its Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines. Most aircraft are made of aluminum which is susceptible to corrosion over time, especially in areas of high humidity. But […]

RELATIVES OF PASSENGERS OF THE MISSING AIRCRAFT STILL AWAITING CONFIRMATIONS. Fragments floating as 'suspicious object' from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner spotted 80 km southwest of Vietnam.

Newsflash Update! Fuel and Fragments floating as ‘suspicious object’ not from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner spotted 80 km southwest of Vietnam


 A Vietnamese search aircraft located fragments Sunday afternoon floating in waters off southern Vietnam that are suspected of coming from a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that went missing a day earlier. See related article Missing Malaysia Airlines jet may have turned back before disappearing. Wall Street Journal reporter Vu Trong Khanh has tweeted this picture (below) a new ‘suspicious object’ spotted 80 km southwest of Vietnam. It is not clear if this is the ‘suspected fragment’ the WSJ says has been found, but it would seem so. But Malaysia Airlines official statement said that “At this point, no further developments regarding MH370 has […]

MALAYSIA AIRLINES MH370 FLIGHT PATH. Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra reported that Luigi Maraldi never boarded MH370 arising possibility of foul play.

(Update) Malaysia Airlines was ‘fearing for the worst’ after confirmation of four passengers who may have held false identity document


 Italian Luigi Maraldi, 37 was on the flight MH370 and was included on the passenger manifest No. 101 on board the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. At least his name is (or was). Following a thorough investigation, authorities are investigating the possibility of foul play following a report that an Italian national listed on MH370’s flight manifest never boarded the plane. See full list of passenger manifest here. According to foreign news reports, passenger Maraldi was listed on the flight manifest released by Malaysia Airlines earlier, but Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra reported that he was not on the plane. Maraldi reportedly […]

STILL MISSING. Malaysia Airlines MH370 passenger manifest released Saturday, March 08, 07:20 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - 5th Media Statement.

Breaking News! Malaysia Airlines retires flight codes MH370 and MH371 as mark of respect to the 239 passengers of the missing jetliner


   UPDATE: Thursday, March 13, 11:10 AM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – 17th Media Statement As a mark of respect to the passengers and crew of MH370 on 8 March 2014, the MH370 and MH371 flight codes will be retired from the Malaysia Airlines’ Kuala Lumpur- Beijing-Kuala Lumpur route. With effect from 14 March 2014, the new flight number to replace MH370 and MH371 will be:- MH 318 – Kuala Lumpur – Beijing MH 319 – Beijing – Kuala Lumpur There are no changes to the frequency of our services and we will continue to operate double daily […]