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Passengers can now book GrabCar in NAIA Terminals upon arrival at the airport


 With the recent announcement of GrabCar’s approval of TNC accreditation in NAIA, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA)  has open its gates to GrabCar to pick-up passengers in all its four terminals. Grab booths will also be provided for passengers whoe does not have the Grab mobile app yet to assist them in bookong their rides. Here are the four pick-up locations as reported by Terminal 1 – Main Arrival Curbside Terminal 2 – Inner Arrival between Bays 7 & 8 Terminal 3 – Secondary Arrival Curbside between Bays 5 & 6 Terminal 4 – Curbside GrabCar drivers will be allowed […]


Gringo Honasan Transcribed (Part 2): “I looked at him (Marcos) like a god”


 As promised, here is the second part of our conversation with Senator Gringo Honasan. In continuation of his platforms and agenda, he speaks of tax-exemptions, government funding, his first order of business if elected as vice president, and how he looked at Marcos during his time as a soldier, pre-EDSA People Power days. Tax-exempt for below PHP 30,000 earners “Nasa platform namin yan. Any income below P30,000 tax-free. The only sure things in life are death and taxes. Hirap na hirap na nga pahihirapan mo pa? It’s unfair. Tax na natin yung top 1,000 corporations na walang ginawa kung hindi […]


Gringo Honasan Transcribed (Part 1): “I’ll put my 42 years of public service on the line and tell the people that what makes me different – the strength, courage of my convictions, and the audacity to make things happen. I will help solve crimes or die trying”


 Election period or not, we have had the opportunities on several occasions to meet and sit down with former soldier-turned-rebel-turned senator Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II, mostly commonly known as Gringo Honasan, and every time we see him it’s always the same man we’ve met like the first time we met him some couple of years ago. The gallant Honasan, who would be turning 68 this March 14, was an ordinary  soldier for 17 years prior to his 7 years stint as a rebel, and 18 years as senator. He’s keen and planning to retire on 2019, “But I think God wants […]


If traffic and long hours spent on the road are problems we just can’t take anymore, Space EDSA is the solution we’ve all been waiting for


 Think of the long lines to get to the train when you board the MRT in the morning and during the rush hours in the late afternoon. Think of all the commuting woes and problems you’re experiencing going to your work place and coming home very late at night because of the never ending carmageddon. Aint it just frustrating to come home never had to spend quality time with your loved ones because you’re too tired from the long hours of traveling because of bumper to bumper traffic situations in EDSA? Or are you simply a student or BPO agent […]


Tolentino resigns as MMDA chairman; gave hint on up-coming Senate race


 It has been said many times that it only need one wrong move for a man to make that can damage his reputation and quite unforeseen, former MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino took the road to disaster bringing with him his bid for senatorial candidacy to a halt. To simply put it this way, Tolentino‘s political ambition to run as one of Liberal Party’s (LP) senatorial candidates dwindled when the flirty all-girl group Playgirls gyrated and dry-humped on-stage to celebrate party list member Rep. Benjamin Agarao‘s birthday that took place in Laguna after the oath-taking of new members and right after the party’s standard-bearer Mar […]


GrabCar Philippines official statement in connection to Sept. 8 ‘carmageddon’


 Official Statement from GrabCar Philippines “GrabTaxi has always been committed to providing a better option for public transportation. We would like to apologize to commuters as not everyone was able to get a ride home via our service during the downpour last Tuesday, 8 September 2015. Heavy rains resulted in traffic congestion and flooded areas all over Metro Manila. Many of our drivers were affected and got stranded, like the rest of Metro Manila, and were not able to  accept bookings as they were caught in the gridlock. The flooded road conditions also meant that they would have risked passenger […]


Commuters stranded for almost 4 hrs. as INC members protest against DOJ De Lima and for the separation of church and state


 Commuters either going home or coming for work last night were greeted with horrendous traffic and road blockage when Iglesia Ni Cristo members trooped to EDSA Shaw in Ortigas and Mandaluyong area to protest against Secretary Laila De Lima and the DOJ for meddling in the internal affairs of the religious group following the investigation of the abduction of some of its members. The INC members held a protest in front of DOJ office in Padre Faura before heading to EDSA Shrine for a mass protest later in the evening. Florencio Jusay, Jr., blogger, Manual To Lyf, who was in the […]

OFWs appeal to Bureau of Customs new Balikbayan Box Tax Rule


 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the globe and their families in the country are appealing to the Bureau of Customs headed by Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina to stop implementing new Balikbayan Box Tax Rule where customs officials are allowed to open and inspect incoming balikbayan boxes for taxable goods. This new rule, according to the Customs Chief Lina will prevent the abuse on sending items that ‘can well may be used for commercial purposes.’ “The contents of a balikbayan box must not exceed US$500.00 in value. Canned goods, grocery items and other household effects must not exceed a dozen a kind, while apparel, […]


Philippines’ telco giants, Globe and Smart, take a swing at the No. 1 spot in mobile network’s leadership


 With both Globe and Smart growing numbers of mobile subscribers in Philippine territory, telco giants take a full swing in the almost never-ending rivalry for the coveted No. 1 position in mobile telecommunications industry’s leadership. Counting their followers grew by the millions, Globe and Smart mobile network released annual growth and end-of-year billion peso revenue report 2014 for prepaid, postpaid, and broadband services at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2015. Globe Telecom was the first to announce the highlights of their major achievements in a full list of attendees earlier today, April 7, held at Fairmont Hotel in […]

Habitat for Humanity Philippines' Official Media Release #1 - Typhoon Hagupit.

Habitat for Humanity launches appeal to assist those affected by Typhoon Hagupit


 Appeal to assist Habitat  for  Humanity  has  launched  an  appeal  to  assist  families  affected  by  Typhoon  Hagupit  (called  Ruby  in  the  Philippines).  The  storm  made  first  landfall  on  Samar,  an  island  in  the  Visayas,  Philippines,  late  in  the  evening  of  Saturday,  6th of  December. According  to  the  Philippines  National  Disaster  Risk  Reduction  and  Management  Council,  more  than  130,000   families  were  evacuated  in  six  regions  of  the  Philippines. “Habitat  for  Humanity  is  sheltering  evacuated  families  in  Leyte,  Cebu  and  Surigao  del  Sur  provinces  of  the   Philippines.  Staff  and  materials  are  prepositioned  and  we  will  begin  to  support  affected  families […]

TAKE YOUR PICK. SMART's Free Internet or GLOBE's Free FB is Back promo?

SMART’s Free Internet vs GLOBE’s Free Facebook – A telco rivalry only in the Philippines!


 Who doesn’t want to have free internet access the whole day or best, unlimited data that’s good enough for 24/7 web browsing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or tons of movie downloads? We bet that when you heard that SMART announced their Free Internet promo, you started to give a round of applause to MVP, started to tweet about it, and pass around the good news to your friends. It was like the greatest thing that happened in a country where internet connection speed barely keeps up with the Southeast Asian neighbors. But alas, SMART subscribers jumped into the bandwagon and […]

CONGRESSMAN FROM DAVAO CITY FILES PHILIPPINE GREEN JOBS ACT OF 2014. Cong. Nograles files bill to generate more 'green jobs' and employment opportunities in the country.

JUST IN! Congressman from Davao City files new bill to generate more ‘green jobs’ in the Philippines


 To help reduce the impact on climate change that trigger disasters, one lawmaker from Davao City makes a move to establish more environment-friendly industries and services to reduce the adverse effects of climate change in the country through a passing of a bill that will complement Climate Change Act. Congressman Karlo Nograles files Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2014 which is poised to create employment opportunities that will be less harmful to the environment by using green technology, or innovations that conserve natural resources. At least one sane bill from Congress is up for approval from the masses unlike the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill‘ or House Bill […]

SOFITEL MANILA. Sofitel Manila’s Official Statement on the UNTV Boycott Campaign.

Hotel Sofitel Manila breaks silence towards UNTV37’s incident


 As promised, we are now publishing Hotel Sofitel Manila’s Official Statement in response to UNTV37 boycotting campaign. Here it is: “We do not discriminate against any local or international broadcasting television channel. While we supply several television channels for our guests, the channels we air in the hotel are system-limited, and regularly changed based on several factors, including guest feedback and demand. We are happy to hear the public’s concerns, and will consider to re-instate the UNTV Channel if this is a request from our hotel guests”. *The official statement was posted 15th of July 2014 via the official Facebook Page […]

UNTV37 BOYCOTTS SOFITEL. UNTV has launched a campaign that challenges its supporters to take part in.

UNTV37’s #NoToSofitelDay and #BoycottSofitelPHDay hashtags climbed up on Twitter’s Philippines and Worldwide Trends


 On it’s first week, our timeline got bombarded with #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH tweets and hashtags and got our curious mind to ask around and researched the web on what could have transpired why cable channel UNTV37 is ‘firing’ at Hotel Sofitel Manila. Later on we’ve found out that it stemmed from the report received by UNTV37 Chief Executive Office, Kuya Daniel Razon, that Hotel Sofitel Manila dropped the station from its channel listings. This, for no apparent reason, according to the spurned cable channel. This prompted Razon to call on UNTV37 supporters to launch a boycott against the hotel for clear discrimination […]