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How safe and protected are your privacy, identity, and bank from malware threats?


 According to, there are about 3 billion Internet users in the world for 2015. But that only represents 40% of the world’s total population. China leads the list of the world’s with the most number of users according to List of Countries by Internet Usage (2014) with 641,601,070 people or 24% country’s share of world Internet users. United States comes in 2nd (9,58%), and India at 3rd (8.33%). Japan, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Nigeria, United Kingdom, and France are all included on the Top 10 List of Countries by Internet Usage (2014), respectively. Philippines ranked at the 16th spot with 39,470,845 users or […]


#ProTECH101 (Part 4)! What is Stagefright?


 Last July, Globe Telecom, the No. 1 in mobile network,  launched an online security campaign aiming to inform and protect the public from online crimes that are rampant in this cyber age. You may ask yourself, “Are you safe and protected online?” From targeting and shooting down common mistakes that users make such as weak passwords, information sharing and autosaving information. Today, we bring you Part 4 of the #ProTECH101 series. #ProTECH101 Part 4 locks on the Android flaw called Stagefright. Disguised in the form of an MMS, Stagefright can easily access your device’s data even without you opening the message. […]


#ProTECH101 (Part 3)! Think Before You Click


 As the online saying goes, ‘Think Before You Click‘ when you share vital information on the world wide web. On the first and second part of #ProTECH101 (Part 1 and 2), we shared with you the risks of disseminating personal information to the public, how to strengthen your passcodes, and secure accounts by disabling the autofill feature decreasing the risks of hacking and online fraud. This time, #ProTECH Part 3 focuses on online sharing discrepancies, what information we should avoid and what is safe for public sharing. Information such as birthdates, education and current location are things we should avoid sharing […]


#ProTECH101 (Part 2)! Keep your online accounts more secure


 A week ago, we shared with you some information how to protect yourselves from online fraud and identity theft through Globe Telecom‘s #ProTECH101, an online security campaign which serves as an information drive reminding netizens to keep vigilant in sharing personal information online. We shared three (3) basic tips focused on restricting the dissemination of personal information online as well as strengthening passcodes to avoid hacking incidents: Keeping personal information private Protecting our smartphones with pass codes Promoting the use of stronger pass codes That was the first part. #ProTECH101 Part 2 focuses on making accounts more secure by restricting certain features […]


Globe, PNP, and NBI collab yields series of arrests; 65 cable thieves and fraudsters charged


 This just in! As we keep ourselves vigilant from online fraud and identity theft, a breaking update from Globe Telecom reached our work table. Sharing with you now the recent developments from Globe‘s collaboration with the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in combating illegal activities. Globe, PNP, and NBI have arrested and charged 65 alleged cable thieves and fraudsters as the drive against such illegal activities continues to intensify. Twelve individuals were apprehended and are now facing prosecution for Estafa due to illegal recontracting and subscription fraud, 31 for illegal sale of WiMax Modems, and […]


#ProTECH101 (Part 1)! Is your password safe enough to protect you from online fraud and identity theft?


 In response to current issues of online fraud and identity theft, Globe Telecom recently launched its online security campaign to serve as an information drive reminding netizens to keep vigilant in sharing personal information online. Globe encourages everyone to be vigilant at all times, especially when sharing information in public profiles such as birthdays, mobile numbers, pet names, etc., because someone, somebody out there is lurking to get a piece of information about you to hack your accounts, steal your identity, transfer bank deposits without your knowledge, and many more. Globe’s #ProTech101 campaign aims to further promote online security and online crime prevention […]

Vicente Diaz, the Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab's GReAT, with Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia. (R-L)

Kaspersky Cybersecurity 2015 reports Philippines’ ranked as 47th in the list of web malware affected countries


 Studies from Kaspersky Lab experts ranked the Philippines as 47th among the countries highly attacked by malwares, as discoursed in the recently conducted ‘Kaspersky Cybersecurity 2015’, April 20 in Makati City Seeking to give a clear-cut view in cyber-attacking, Vicente Diaz, the Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), presented their findings regarding the activities orchestrated by cybercriminals. From January to March of this year, Kaspersky have recorded 6,043 web malware incidents in the Philippines.   Data analysis discussed by Diaz showed that 44.1% of internet users in the country are attacked by malwares. He […]

MALAYSIA AIRLINES INVESTIGATION SHIFTED ANEW. A spokesperson, right, from the Malaysia Airlines speaks to the media during a news conference at a hotel in Beijing Saturday, March 8, 2014. (Photo via web)

Malaysia Airlines opens criminal investigation on missing MH370 jetliner


 A big shift on Malaysia Airlines investigation develops anew as day 9 approaches since MH370 mysteriously disappears early Saturday morning, March 8. The pilots and MH370 crew are now the center of investigation as Malaysia opened criminal investigation on the missing jetliner. Officials said that they are now in close investigation of the two pilots whose house were searched this Sunday. The two men did not request to fly together. The operation is now entering its new phase, according to Malaysia Airlines. 25 countries join search. US investigation veered into theories that someone from the cockpit or one of the crew made […]

A student prays during a vigil for a gang rape victim, who was assaulted in New Delhi, in Ahmedabad - Reuters

New Delhi gang rape attack story could happen anywhere to anyone


 The waves of protests continues across India after the attack on December 16, 2012 when a 23-year-old woman was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted with an iron bar, leaving her with terrible intestinal injuries to her death, subsequently on Dec. 29. Thousands took part in candlelit vigils that led appeals for calm to prevent a repeat of the sometimes violent protests. New Delhi has long been known as the “rape capital of India” and the recent New Delhi gang rape attack story could happen anywhere to anyone. On Monday, five men who allegedly raped and killed the woman, whose name […]

13 men killed in Quezon shootout a legit encounter or another case of rubout?

13 men killed in Quezon shootout a legit encounter or another case of rubout?


 Malacañang on Monday defended policemen and soldiers who were involved in the bloody shootout in Atimonan, Quezon that left 13 suspected gang members dead. But the question remains, was the encounter where 13 men killed in Quezon shootout a legit encounter or another case of rubout? Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said the shootout was legitimate, as the suspects who were onboard two sports utility vehicles ignored a checkpoint and fired at authorities. That’s the lawmen’s version but according to the families of the victims which include 3 cops and 10 others, the victims were not involved in any illegal […]

Gunman runs amok, shoots neighbors and bystanders in Kawit, Cavite resulting to death of 7 people. (Image used for representation only)

Gunman runs amok, shoots neighbors and bystanders in Kawit, Cavite resulting to death of 7 people


 In the wake of the New Year’s celebration shooting incidents that resulted to the death of a 7-year old girl, another shooting incident occurred early this morning (January 4) by a gunman believed to be high on drugs and intoxicated. Reportedly, the gunman runs amok, shoots neighbors and bystanders in Kawit, Cavite resulting to death of 7 people and wounded 9 others early Friday morning in Brgy. Tabon 1. The gunman identified as Ronald Bae was accompanied by a certain John Paul who escorted the shooter after they emerged from his house brandishing two firearms including .45 pistol around 9 […]