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Petron Lakbay Alalay continues 30 years of road safety


 This Holy Week, Petron Lakbay Alalay is back on the road, continuing its 30 years of empowering road safety to motorists and provide best day experience on the road when they travel this season. Through Petron Lakbay Alalay, motorists are assured of worry-free travels and always ready journeys. This year, Petron Lakbay Alalay becomes an enabler for drivers to become responsible motorists on the road through its mission of SAFETY through empowerment. A true and genuine advocacy, it aims for the long-term benefit of helping Filipinos change their mindset and attitude towards driving. More than the usual roadside assistance and […]


Globe, PNP, and NBI collab yields series of arrests; 65 cable thieves and fraudsters charged


 This just in! As we keep ourselves vigilant from online fraud and identity theft, a breaking update from Globe Telecom reached our work table. Sharing with you now the recent developments from Globe‘s collaboration with┬áthe Philippine National Police (PNP), and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in combating illegal activities. Globe, PNP, and NBI have arrested and charged 65 alleged cable thieves and fraudsters as the drive against such illegal activities continues to intensify. Twelve individuals were apprehended and are now facing prosecution for Estafa due to illegal recontracting and subscription fraud, 31 for illegal sale of WiMax Modems, and […]