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Memorable memorial service experience worth remembering


 Often times we don’t talk about it. As long as we can distract ourselves from engaging in a conversation, we would keep away from mentioning anything about it. The truth is, everyone’s fate’s already destined and sealed. We will all go there someday. But is it really that scary not to talk about the end of the road? The ultimate death and the last place for viewing here on Earth? Perhaps Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Centennial Garden will change your perceptions on your final resting place. Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Centennial Garden is a vast property for the dearly departed with mortuary services equipped […]


Fans get ready for the return of Ash Williams on new Evil Dead TV series


 Ash Williams is back to kick out all the evil dead back to their graves but this time, he’s too grandpa-ish and he’ll need sidekicks to blast the brains of these monster Deadites. Set 30 years after the first franchise The Evil Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead brings back Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, a trash-talking, anti-hero, idiot war vet who has survived two more sequels Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. Ash vs. Evil Dead is a horror comedy TV series set to premiere on Halloween, October 31st, worldwide. All the 80s kids will be excited to know that this beloved […]

DIPLOMAT HOTEL IN BAGUIO. Scariest and spookiest place on top of Dominican Hill in Baguio City.

One scary visit at Diplomat Hotel in Baguio


 Are you up for one scary story that will make you awake the whole night? In the spirit of Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day (Oct. 31, Nov. 1, and Nov. 2, respectively), we are sharing with you one story that will send goosebumps and shiver to the spines. This one particular story happened in Baguio, and you know this place. Countless stories has been shared by almost everyone who visits the summer capital of this country. Is it because of the many urban legends, myths, and without the exemption of World War II stories, that labeled Baguio as one of […]

CREATURE FEST. Featuring Darth Malgus from Star Wars.

Creature Fest is happening at Resorts World Manila


 Calling all toy collectors, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and all people from all ages who love toys, action figurines, LEGO, and such! Resorts World Manila is hosting the first-ever Creature Fest in the Philippines displayed at the first one-stop, nonstop entertainment and tourism destination in the country – right across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Creature Fest features hair-raising display, just in time for the Halloween, including scale models and busts of famous villains such as Marvel‘s Green Goblin and Venom, Drake and Reaper Maquette from the movie Blade, an Uruk-Hai orc soldier and legendary Balrog from The Lord of the Rings […]

OCEAN PARK HONG KONG HALLOWEEN FEST. Ocean Park Hong Kong Trade-Media Launch in Manila.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is back with a Spook-tastic Halloween Fest for 2014


 After two years of being away from exciting the Manila crowd, Ocean Park Hong Kong is back to invite everyone for a Spook-tastic Halloween Fest coming this October 2014. Ocean Park Hong Kong ranks as the 12th in the world; 4th in Asia; and 1st in China when it comes to attendance and guests coming in this world-class theme park experience. During the Ocean Park Trade-Media Launch held at Makati Shangri-La last September 11, hosted by Sam YG, Ocean Park Hong Kong unveiled its upcoming seasonal attraction for this year’s all-day-and-night Ocean Park Halloween Fest. Ocean Park Hong Kong Chief Executive […]