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Former adult film actress Maria Ozawa clears issue with Kris Aquino


 In a first-hand video link that we’ve gathered, former adult film actress Maria Ozawa clears the issue and apologizes to presidential sister, Kris Aquino, after they hugged the social media spotlight, concerning the much-talked about statements these two ladies mentioned in their interviews. The video, which was released by UNO Magazine, lasted 8:23 minutes long where Maria talked about her upcoming movie ‘Nilalang‘ with Robin Padilla, set to be shown for Metro Manila Film Festival 2015; her favorites; her past experiences as adult film star; and the controversy between her and Kris. “I heard,” Maria answered back when the host mentioned that during her absence (after her brief […]


Leaked! Angel Locsin cover for UNO Magazine’s 12th year special anniversary issue


 Here’s your first look at UNO Magazine‘s July 2015 front cover issue, with no other than Manila’s Sexiest Woman, Ms. Angel Locsin! One more thing. Do you know that this will be the first time that Angel Locsin will be appearing on the cover of UNO Magazine? As they say, there’s always a first time for everything! Can’t wait for this UNO July 2015 issue to hit the magazine stands. We are definitely sure that this will be sold-out the very first minutes it gets out. So, what are you waiting for? Line-up as soon as the Angel Locsin UNO […]