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HONG KONG CITYSCAPE AT NIGHT. Hong Kong skyline view from Victoria Peak. (File photo)

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 Why be afraid of the incurring mobile charges when you browse your favorite websites when you can access them for FREE with SafeZone, a mobile app where you can select popular digital brands¬†by downloading the SafeZone Android app at Google Play Store, without worrying unwanted data charges? More than twenty digital brands’ mobile app are available through SafeZone and one of them is Skyscanner, a mobile for travel app where users can enjoy hundreds of airline promo deals in just seconds via a single, simple, and trustworthy source that can help them find the best travel solution at the right […]


Space is the next BIG thing when it comes to travel in the near future


 Traveling wont be limited to land, sea, and air… no more. When the time comes that every human being on planet Earth are ready for this big leap, space will be the next BIG thing when it comes to travel in the near future. In fact, there’s already an on-going buzz where International celebrities and high-profile people have made reservations for the first ever space¬†flight for Virgin Galactic as early as 2013. The space flight SpaceShip Two will have a six-seating capacity with an estimated $250,000 space fare. Celebrities who reportedly to have booked their first space flight includes teenage […]