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Why Payoneer matters for Filipino freelancers


 While the Philippines peso plunges on a seven-year low, as reported from the stock market this week, US dollar shoots with $1 = Php48.25 which made financial market bled again. Initial reports blame the noise in politics as the reason to why the peso hits this downfall anew. But that’s a different story. Still, many from the business sector are optimistic that after the noise dies down, everything will be back to normal. The said financial crisis did not affect foreign players to invest and open up offices here in the country, just as like what Payoneer just did a couple […]


Sister Secrets now accepts Payprogent Bitcoin, an active community of online shoppers exchanging beauty and fashion secrets, has teamed up with experts from the IT field and the BPO industry to improve the shopping and payment experience of all its members. Since its launch in June 2013, Sister Secrets has grown to be the “Biggest Online Girl Community,” as cited by Solar TV. The Entrepreneur & Franchise Expo also awarded the exclusive online community the title of “Best New E-Commerce Lifestyle Website” in 2014. Sister Secrets was founded by Karen Bordador, Charisse Abalos, and Kristen Morados—three amazing women who have remained true to their life’s […]


Sen. Villar and Mayor Eusebio cut ribbon on the inauguration of state-of-the-art STARTEK facility in Pasig City


 Together with STARTEK‘s president and CEO, Chad Carlson and VP for Operations Antoinette ‘Tonichi’  Achurra, Senator Cynthia Villar and Pasig City Mayor Maria Belen Eusebio cut the ribbon during the inauguration of the trusted BPO, a service provider with contact centers around the world, state-of-the-art office facility located inside Silver City 3, Frontera Verde in Pasig City. The four-storey building include a recruitment and training  area with recreational facilities for employees such as themed pantry for every floor, gym, sleeping quarters, pocket garden, and a roof deck. “In behalf of the Philippine government, we welcome STARTEK in our country. The BPO industry […]

JABRA HEADSETS. Jabra releases three new products in the Philippines.

Jabra rolls out new products – Jabra BIZ2300, Pro900 Series, and Jabra Motion Office to the Philippine market


 Jabra, a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of broad range of hands-free communications solutions, recently announced to the Philippine market its latest products that will further shape a clearer, more effective, and innovative mobile workforce that takes communication into even higher levels with the introductions of Jabra BIZ2300, Pro900 Series, and Jabra Motion Office. These three newest Jabra products of the latest headset technologies will perfectly suit a mobile worker’s specific needs. As Ben Samman, Managing Director of Jabra ASEAN, would have described these Jabra products, “the Jabra technology makes management cost more efficient.” Jabra has been present […]

ADP FLASH MOB. ADP Philippines stormed Glorietta 2 with 5-minute flash mob.

ADP Philippines stormed Glorietta 2 with 5-minute flash mob


 Shopping malls are known for delighting people with shopping treats and entertainment, and we do have seen such activities done inside a shopping mall. But a 5-minute flash mob would definitely surprise a lot of mall-goers. On September 2, global outsourcing HR solutions company ADP Philippines Inc. did a sequel to their more than 50 associates June 2012 flash mob in RCBC Plaza Building in Makati. This year, more than a hundred of associates surprised shoppers and passerby at Glorietta 2 activity center with their mash-up of The Jackson 5‘s classic hit Shake Your Body Down To The Ground and […]

JUSTGOCLOUD GOES CRAZY THIS SEPTEMBER. JustGoCloud breaks barrier by reducing rates and mirrored clouds.

JustGoCloud breaks barrier by reducing rates and mirrored clouds


 The month of September has gone wild and crazy for JustGoCloud after they introduced their Crazy Promo! JustGoCloud goes Crazy as they introduced cost-effective and highly efficient cloud based telephony solution for customer contact needs. You’ve read it right here. and for starters, the company just started to replicate and mirrored its U.S. cloud based centers, making sure to provide you with a high-availability, redundant and fail-safe cloud based telephony infrastructure while maintaining security and privacy of your data and recordings. the JustGoCloud goes Crazy promo reduced their U.S. and Canada toll charges by 20 percent. This means a 20 % immediate and direct […]

Customer Contact Channels (C3), the company where you’ll love to work


 Right from the very minute that we stepped inside the office of Customer Contact Channels, or simply C3, we felt the light atmosphere, something of which one could compare to a very comfortable work place where employees are truly taken cared of. Thus, let us share why Customer Contact Channels (C3), the company where you’ll love to work, is the sought-after BPO in the Philippines. We have never met Andy Sarakinis, C3‘s Vice President and country manager, and yet he made our first visit warm and comfy. He doesn’t want to be called ‘sir‘ and there’s a Php 100 penalty if he heard you […]