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Aukey introduces Quick Charge 3.0


 German brand, Aukey, landed on Philippine shore and introduced a stellar of products when it come to power charging accessories with the latest technologies combining over a decade of hardware expertise. Aukey showcased its latest product line of power banks, usb car charger, pocket series charger, and wall charger during their event at Artsy Cafe last Tuesday. From the powerful line of products, the Quick Charge 3.0 technology caught our attention. Quick Charge 3.0 is engineered  to refuel devices up to four times faster than conventional charging. It is designed to charge twice as fast as Quick Charge 1.0 and […]


Play Pokemon GO with your smartphone battery all juiced up by Anker


 The rise of modern smartphones also gave way to the boom in the power charging industry. And the smarter the phone gets, the higher the power of a mobile charging is required for maximum smartphone usage. Anker, one of the emerging US brands, is set to give its competitors a run for their money with their latest power charging devices line up, promising a better and ultimate performance for everyone’s mobile use. Anker is keen on making the smart life easier with its affordable but high quality products that are now available in select branches of Power Mac Center. Anker […]


Important things to know and preparations for Mount Pinatubo Day Tour


 Mt. Pinatubo is as always an active volcano located in the tripoint in Luzon, namely the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga, and Zambales. Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the massive and biggest explosion of that decade, so big that the effects of the eruption was felt almost every part of the world. Continuous ash falls and lahar devastated livelihoods, crops, and ruined  natural landmarks in the area. Subsequently, after many years, the road to Mt. Pinatubo opened to tourists and visitors to see the majestic crater lake of Mt. Pinatubo – a seven kilometer one-way walk/trek from the base land to the crater view deck […]


8GB Redmi 2 goes on sale at Lazada Philippines


 The debut of the Redmi 2 in the Philippines Xiaomi has announced that its most awaited Redmi 2, an affordable Mi phone that is thinner, lighter, and faster will be available in the Philippines soon. It will go on sale on April 28 with Php 5,999 at price via Redmi 2 is a powerful smartphone, together with its featured-packed but affordable characteristic, which brings greater experience to more people. Here are some of the amazing features Mi fans can expect from the Redmi 2: 4.7” display similar to the Redmi 1S, but thinner at 9.4mm and lighter at 133g 4G dual […]


Kata i4 first impressions; pre-order starts January 2, 2015


 As soon as we’ve got hold of the latest flagship from Kata Digital, we are in awe of the Kata i4 superb design, so far among the Kata smartphone lines. And at last, Kata produced an entirely different specs and look embodied on Kata i4. Let’s start with the design We cannot call it sleek but Kata i4 is stylishly designed and has evolved from the usual look of its predecessors and we are thankful that it was produced as it should be. At 144.5mm in length, 71.5mm in width, 6.5mm thickness, and 161g in weight, Kata i4 is slightly similar to […]


MiPOW PLAYBULB: Combining lights and sounds in your own space


 Combining light and music If you’re the type of person whose really into good music, chances are, you prefer in listening at your own space, in your home, in your living room, or at your bedroom.  Be it  ballad, mellow, rock, hiphop, rnb, calssical, or even edm, it doesn’t matter as long as you hear great songs, sounds, melodies, that rip through your heart and soul. Listening to Globe‘s Spotify Top Hits selections makes it easier now that we don’t need another music player. We just have to download and install Spotify on our mobile device and songs are played, as you choose […]


Cherry Mobile reveals mobile accessories and solutions under Pyxis brand


 We’ve just unwrapped one of our pre-Christmas presents and we are happy to reveal Cherry Mobile‘s part of their  gadgets and accessories line that will perfectly pair with any of your Cherry Mobile devices. The need for mobile solutions prompted us to unboxed Pyxis, a brand of powerbank that was part of the give-away during Cherry Mobile’s The Captain’s Ball event a few weeks back. We decided to unwrap this Christmas Eve the Pyxis T10 10400mAh powerbank to get up close and finally replace the old powerbank we are using. More of The Captain’s Ball feature here. Pyxis powerbank comes in […]


Airborne Technologies officially launched waterproof AT-800 Tough Rock Powerbank


 The much-awaited product from Airborne Technologies was officially launched and released to the market along with the introduction of AT Boom Box, a powerful vibration speaker, as addition to AT‘s line of handy powerbanks and gadgets. See more of the AT Boom Box here. AT-800 Tough Rock Powerbank is a waterproof, sandproof, and shockproof power device that can keep up with the active lifestyle of any person. Tough Rock powerbank is for the adventurous type, well-traveled, sporty, and for those who’ll get caught outside during the rainy season. Tough Rock is available at Php 3,999. The battery capacity of AT-800 […]

THE SLIM. For the use of social media, this will quite be perfect with 5300mAh capacity.

Airborne Technologies gives the power in your hands by banking on a safe and reliable powerbanks


 Many of us rely on the outlasting power of batteries for our laptops, mobile devices, and gadgets for the simple reasons that we can’t go on our daily lives without compromising our needs, whether it’s for business or personal use. And we have come to choose our savior, and always on the look-out for a good and reliable power banks. Fortunately for us, we have found one powerbank brand that very well suit our needs and for 8000mAh, it never fails us. The rise of power bank needs and competition made it perfect for one company to develop new battery […]