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Android TV changing the way of watching TV


 Modern technology has brought upon us the birth of Smart TVs and for those who own one, it’s like having free cable subscription because of the built-in TV apps that comes with the system. And if you’re bored playing around with the apps or you want your mobile phones to access more videos and shows straight from your smartphone, all you have to do is get a Google Chromecast, download and install a casting app, and that’s it, enjoy 24/7 video-on-demand, just like the rest of the millennials around the globe. But what if you’re still stuck with a dumb […]


New Kata Box lets you stream online contents, save documents, and download apps


 Kata recently launched its newest gadget called the Kata Box that puts your television to the next level, turning regular TV into a smart TV. The launch held in September was attended by tech and lifestyle bloggers, as well as enthusiasts of the latest innovation. The Kata Box is a TV media box that lets you surf through the internet, stream contents online, play games, and use smartphone apps all directly to your TV. “It not only lets you stream online content, online movies (and) series, but it also lets you save documents and lets you download apps,” said Kata Philippines, […]

HOOQ is a regional video-on-demand subscription service by Singtel, Sony and Warner Bros. HOOQ will deliver over 10,000 Hollywood blockbusters and popular local programmes to customers anytime, anywhere by enabling them to stream and download their favourite shows on their device or platform of choice. For more information, visit

Asia’s first Video On Demand service, HOOQ arrives in the Philippines in partnership with Globe Telecom


 Globe Telecom announced their venture into VOD (Video on Demand) with Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment start-up venture called HOOQ during last night’s celebration of 5th Wonderful World with Globe held at The Eye at Green Sun Hotel in Makati. HOOQ is a start-up joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment that will enable customers of Globe Telecom to enjoy unlimited online streaming access and an offline viewing option to top Hollywood and Filipino movie and television content, via any device including computers, smartphones and tablets. Sounds interesting. HOOQ has more than 10,000 movies and […]

APPRECIATING ART THROUGH TV TECHNOLOGY. The new LG Gallery OLED TV is shockingly-thin as your slimmest smartphone.

The new LG Gallery OLED TV is shockingly-thin as your slimmest smartphone


 A week ago, we were given the privilege to preview the latest in TV technology brought by LG Electronics. LG Philippines combines art and technology through LG Gallery OLED TV, integrating highly-developed technology and classic art appreciation. The new LG Gallery OLED TV is shockingly-thin as your  slimmest smartphone when we sized it up with a mobile unit brand during the launching with BenCab‘s artworks displayed on the TV monitor to get a glimpse of its aesthetic beauty with its world-class picture quality. The seamlessly curved 55-inch TV boasts of 4.3mm width and world-class WRGB technology which produces deeper and richer colors. “LG has […]