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Smart unboxes giga loads of surprises and latest offerings on MVP’s 70th birthday celebration


 Every person at the Bonifacio Ballroom hallway of the newly opened Shangri-La The Fort were all curious to know what Smart was going to unveil as for the title of the event was ‘Smart Unbox’ presentation. The people knew it was Manny V. Pangilinan’s, who is better known in the business and telco world as MVP, 70th birthday. And they were eager to make the first greet. The secret to MVP’s rise to success maybe his no absence from work and in this case, important event that will make Smart more aggressive in its industry. As soon as people got […]


This pocket WiFi lets you connect up to 10 mobile devices


 We had the privilege of testing the new pocket WiFi product that will be coming out soon under Smart Bro Shared Plans and we were convinced that this device will be a great tool on everyone’s daily mobile activities. The new pocket WiFi by Evoluzn, a US company, offers the migration of data device volumes from 3G to 4G LTE and focus on reliability and affordability in addition to supporting multiple frequency bands. The Evoluzn FXPR2 Smart Bro Pocket WiFi will be available under the Smart Bro Shared Plan 999 which will allow family members to share 6GB data and FREE 1.1GB for movies and […]