Chenglong By StoneBrothers, The King Of The New Frontier

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A few might have known it but Chenglong is the Chinese name of a very popular and famous Chinese-Hollywood actor. But before we reveal who the actor is, we’ll also share with you what Chenglong stands for.

In the olden times in China, a poor town relied largely on a river to live. And because the shape of the river, that hometown would often refer to as LongCheng or Dragon City (translated in Chinese as ‘dragon is long’). And whenever the river floods, it destroys their crops, believing that the dragon must be angry. The people had no choie but to flee, or try to control the dragon. They chose the latter and they created a large manufacturing company called Chenglong Motors that employs a significant portiin of the entire city. Led by Chenglong, Liuzhou has become one of the industrialized cities in China and has become one of its manufacturing capitals.

Today in the present times, 90% of the trucks used in Chinese infrastructure arw trucks made in China. Why? Because Chinese companies realized that those imported trucks from developed countries did not suit their specific terrain and environmental conditions. And this is how Chenglong Motors became one of the biggest supplier of trucks and now it reached the Philippines in 2008, delivering their first units. Since then, over 4,000 units have been sold. You may not see Chenglong trucks in Manila but they are popular in different provinces and places like the rough mine sites of Surigao and Palawan, where Chenglong is used extensively.

Philippines is somewhat like China with rough roads, harsh terrains, unpredictable weather,  and overloaded cargo. The growth of China is parallel to the Philippines’ own development. This is the reason why Chenglong trucks is every business owners in mind.


Richardson Chua, General Manager, StoneBrothers Incorporated, shared these stories to us as he opened the floor during Chenglong by StoneBrothers Showroom was opened in its Balintawak branch last August 11, 2018.

StoneBrothers assumed the dealership of Chenglong Motors in 2016 with clear focus on maintenance and continuous support. Chenglong Motors by StoneBrothers’ commitment to their clients are excellent service and the availability of spare parts. Their goal is to empower businesses to be able to use less resources to create more.

Why Chenglong trucks?

Durability. Chenglong chassis is like no other. It Chenglong by StoneBrothers have 6,300 ton presser, the only one in Asia. They also use a five layer coating system to make sure the truck will not rust through the years.

Efficiency. Chenglong by StoneBrothers’ second core advantage is efficiency, bith in fuel consumption and hauling capacity. Chenglong trucks use the best class Yuchai engine, an adaptive transmission and aerodynamic body design which lowers down operating costs by using less fuel and less maintenancd expenses.

Safety. Because of the keel structure design of the Chenglong truck, also known as the dragon bone, it guarantees to be one of the safe cabins in the market today. The Eiffel Tower and Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium use the same structural design.


During the inaugural ceremony of the ribbon-cutting of the showroom, Chenglong by StoneBrothers also announced its new customer care hotline number and the launch of their official website to be unveiled on August 25, 2017.

There will also be a quarterly training program for Chenglong Customers on operations, troubleshooting, parts identification which will be done in different areas of the country. The first training will be on September 25, 2017.

An automized parts system for a more organized and efficient inventory and delivery of spare parts beginning on September 15, 2017.

Satellite branches for parts will be open every four months. The first satellite branch will be in Butuan and opens on September 11, 2017.

And lastly, a Personalized industry based maintenance program where they give people a step by step preventive maintenance checklist according to your specific environment beginning on October 15, 2017.


And this is the commitment that Chua emphasized in front of theor guests and media who covered the recenf showroom grand opening.

“The dream of a better country for all of us. Together, let us welcome the new landscape of the construction industry. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to formally present to you, Chenglong by StoneBrothers, the King of the New Frontier,” said Chua.

And the Chinese-Hollywood actor whose Chinese name Chenglong and inspiration for Chenglong Motors is… Jackie Chan!

Chenglong by StoneBrothers is located at 1174 EDSA, Balintawak, Quezon City, north bound side. (LRT 1 Balintawak Station).

The Grand Opening of Chenglong Motors by StoneBrothers’ Philippines Showroom was organized by R&A Events Specialist and directed by Ricci Ang.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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