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Right from the very minute that we stepped inside the office of Customer Contact Channels, or simply C3, we felt the light atmosphere, something of which one could compare to a very comfortable work place where employees are truly taken cared of. Thus, let us share why Customer Contact Channels (C3), the company where you’ll love to work, is the sought-after BPO in the Philippines.

We have never met Andy Sarakinis, C3‘s Vice President and country manager, and yet he made our first visit warm and comfy. He doesn’t want to be called ‘sir‘ and there’s a Php 100 penalty if he heard you calling him by his superior title. Well, of course, he was just kidding. Or was he?  Andy came from the US and have lived since he was assigned to build C3’s network here with his Filipina wife and two lovely kids. His great contribution to C3 was making the company the most notable call-center in the country. And one of his greatest achievements is when he heard somebody he never knew in his entire life mentioning his company (C3) “the place you’ll love to work!

Andy Sarakinis, Vice President and country manager, C3.
Andy Sarakinis, Vice President and country manager, C3.

C3 management has a very transparent relationship with its employees, or agents. This is quite clear with the transparent glass divider per agents and their Team Leaders in every rooms. The kind of feeling that everybody’s open means a lot for a harmonious working relationship.

Our visit was part of a Blogging event, organized by our good friend Marlon Aldenese and his team.

We toured around C3 work place and its phases, from Application, Interview, Selection, and Training process.

C3 offers great training, as explain to us by Andy, while we had our lunch together before the tour.

Braden Wheeler, Director of Training and Quality, led us to each phases. We found out that, C3 spent most of 4 hours  to complete application transaction. Unlike other companies that will spend the day for the application and will remind applicants to wait for their call if they’re hired, C3 made it sure that within 4 hours, the applicants get to know if they pass or not.

That is the 1st phase , also known as the filter processing of applicants.

To date, Braden told us that there are 5,000 C3 employees and 350 trainers.  They offer 20-30 training classes of “unlimited jobs and opportunities to offer,” says Braden. They have competent 12-16 trainees per session using Boot camp training methodology and Scavenger hunt, which Braden explained are part of self discovery for the applicants.

Inside their Operation Room, yes it sounds like a clinical room, they apply most of their incentive training programs like Gamification, where whoever gets the highest possible score of 6.0 shall have the equivalent of $6 reward incentive. Neat!

Gamification applies the mechanics of a game to change people’s behavior which are important and is a powerful new strategy for influencing and motivating groups of people.

With training programs and incentives that C3 offers, Braden is proud to say that they “ran at close to 4% employee turn-over because of C3’s high incentives and programs, such as HMO and other compensation base.

One of the Training Rooms that Braden Wheeler showed us.
One of the Training Rooms that Braden Wheeler showed us.

Aside for incentives and programs, agents are also benefited from C3 University and rewarded with parties to boost agent’s character to feel one with the company

We asked Braden if aside from these recreational and fun activities, how about the health programs for their employees? Braden told us that they tied-up with health gyms like Fitness First and Slimmers World for the health programs of their agents. A good move, should we say for them. Making sure that employees are in good shape makes a company grow more to its success.

They do also have Sleeping Labs which serves as quarters for their agents and they also have doctors and nurse, both in-house and on-call duties.

After the tour, we reunited with Andy as he; Braden; Crystabel Cardenas, HR Director; and Kevin Urrutia, Director of Operations, were seated in a panel for discussions with the invited bloggers. There we’ve found out that the largest single site of C3 is found in the Philippines, where we were standing right at that moment.

When asked why they have chosen Philippines, Andy said “Why not?” “We were richly decided in opening in the Philippines because we know that this country is no. 1 when it comes to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Where would we put C3? Being the pioneering the BPO industry, we want to grow with the possible people. This is the place we want to be.” he added.

When asked on thoughts of expansion, Andy revealed  that they do already have secondary locations in the Philippines. “We want to create the culture of LOVE and we are here to support our employees.” Furthermore elaborating their full support and presence in this country.

Andy and Braden with C3 execs and team members.
Andy and Braden with C3 execs and team members.

For Braden, who have worked with Andy for 10 years and owns L’ Incontro, an Italian specialty restaurant, what makes C3 unique is their going back to fundamentals approach thing. “Making people (agents) happy,” as he said to us while we were on the tour. “So important that we provide right tool-set and opportunities for our employees. If you got a happy employee, you got a perfect attendance, company grows, and success opportunity is waiting just  for them.”

C3 is also committed to corporate social responsibility. For example, during the Habagat disaster, C3  donated cash to Red Cross and typhoon related victims. Braden also told us that they made their training rooms as evacuation center for those who are in need of shelter during those hard times.

More agents
We hope to target an additional 200 agents more by the end of March for a new program for an airline company. And yes, we do accept and are open for applicants who have gone AWOL  from another company because everyone deserves a second chance – but we do validate,” says Andy.

Sign-up bonus for the new program is Php 25,000, according to Romer Tolentino, who supervises the application processing. “We also offer referral program fee of Php 7,000 per approved applicant. Starting salaries for CSR base pay varies above market rates, and the minute they get hired,  they can refer already,” says Romer.

Here’s the URL link for their online resume submission, should you want to apply via the internet;jsessionid=E4C203F9D185E5426611CF3CA155F8D7.NA10_primary_jvm?org=C3CONNECT&cws=1. Should you be applying in person, kindly acknowledge our website ( as your referring site.

For those who want to be part of C3, they’ll be having a booth at the  Mega Trade Hall on March 20 & 21, 2013 at SM Megamall. They will also be joining CAREER FAIR to be held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia on April 1-2, 2103.

Customer Contact Channel - the company where you'll love to work.
Customer Contact Channel – the company where you’ll love to work.

C3 is located at 9th Floor, Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive West corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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