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Dreaming of starting your own T-shirt printing business is a legit kick-ass if you know the ways and trade of the clothing industry. A lot of t-shirt printing business sprung left and right with almost of them became successful and earned a lot of  customers coming back for their services. What if you don’t know the how to’s of this traditional business and yet, you still want to engage with the opportunities that it bring to people interested in this kind of industry? You’ve got a creative mind? That’s a starter.

CustomThread gives everyone an opportunity to have that shot of success, be your own boss even if you don’t have the know-how for an online shop. CustomThread can take your visions, whether as an aspiring fashion entrepreneur or just an individual with lots of ideas, from concept to reality.

CustomThread is a fashion-tech  startup that takes customizing apparel to a whole new level. Pushing the apparel industry forward with their 1,400 square meter factory, the world’s best printing machines, and a digitally-controlled production system, CustomThread will make your entrepreneurial dream come true.

State-of-the-art Printing Machines

Kornit Avalanche Pro

CustomThread is using the latest in garment printing technology, the Kornit Avalanche Pro. This beast uses a biodegradable ink and eco-friendly printing solution that is designed to print 1 to 1 million pieces of garment.

The Kornit Avalanche Pro is also used to achieve vibrant colors and meet high quality, high-speed and low-cost printing demands of the garment printing market. Only three high profile businesses and top personality own the Kornit Avalanche Pro in the country. The Kornit Avalanche Pro is imported from Israel.


CustomThread uses Adelco to dry the ink from the Kornit Avalanche Pro print job. Adelco is imported from Hong Kong.

Epson Large Format Printer for Sublimation Transfers

If we are not mistaken, this is the Epson SureColor model from the S-Series line large format textile digital printer that CustomThread is using for sublimation transfers. This type of printing machine incorporates the latest Epson printing technologies that allow high-volume printing with minimal downtime.

This S-Series line is among the favorites among textile business owners and is ideal for short-volume dye-sublimation transfer printing of custom clothing, soft signage, merchandise, and even hard surface work.


Sefa is the newest printing machine that CustomThread is currently using. Sefa is a pretreatment machine for direct-to-garment printing production line made in France. According to John Rey, one of CustomThread’s printing specialists, they are the only factory in the Philippines that has the Sefa heat press manufacturer for textile and sublimation printing jobs.

Tajima NEO Series

The Tajima NEO Series embroidery machine is specially made for mobility and smaller working spaces and is the ideal way to enter into the embroidery industry while getting the best quality sewing on a wide spectrum of applications from the start.

CustomThread uses this machine to customize embroidery jobs on garment and clothing brand orders.

And of course…

Silk Screen Printing

Even though there’s too much technology and new ways for production printing, CustomThread also put a space on their 1,400 sqm factory for Silk Screen jobs. Silk Screen printing is the old and traditional way wherein a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Traditionally, it was called screen printing or silkscreen printing because silk was used in the process prior to the invention of polyester mesh.

CustomThread Services

From T-shirts, jackets, sportswear, corporate uniforms, to casual outfits, CustomThread offers personalized designs whteher you’re ordering one or one million pieces. Just give your design or logo and CT will do the rest. CustomThread’s build-your-own design app lets clients customize fonts, images, to colors of sleeves.

You can check out all of these at CustomThread’s new and improved website which was launched last September 17 to formally introduce the company and their services to the public. CustomThread’s website is Philippines’ first all-inclusive platform for customizing, producing, and selling apparel.



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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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