Netizens On Facebook Speak Up For Grab And Uber Over LTFRB TNVS Suspension

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Thanks to our Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), some 90% of Grab and Uber services will not be available beginning on July 26, 2017  because these ride-hailing vehicles do not have the necessary  certificates BECAUSE THE LTFRB STOPPED ISSUING THEM A YEAR AGO. Stopped issuing. A year ago.

From a memo released last July 11, 2017, LTFRB said that “both Transport Network Companies are directed to cease with dispatch the operations of all their TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) which do not have the required Certificates of Public Convenience.”

Magaling! Brilliant!

Eto pa. To add salt to this injury, LTFRB slapped a P5 million fine imposed on the ride-hailing services, which both of them will fully comply with, the government agency plans to shut down unlicensed Uber and Grab cars.

The LTFRB’s explanation is that they stopped accepting applications roughly a year ago so that Uber and Grab cars could be regulated, and for the policies to be studied.


In fairness, this is acceptable. It is just right and proper for  LTFRB to study the policies before they give it a go signal. This will sound great too if they implement this to local taxi franchise and operators. Meron ba?

As Topgear Philippines pointed out, “Regulation is done in the interest of public safety, so that Uber and Grab vehicles would be as ‘safe’ as other public modes of transport with existing franchises: taxis, buses, and jeepneys—these are all legal and supposedly regulated.”

But what happened was, since then no proposals to move forward have been released. In short, the papers just stayed on the drawers leaving Grab and Uber in the dark.

Because there is no framework in place for TNVS, many Grab and Uber vehicles are not, so on July 26, 15 days after the July 11 order, the LTFRB will order majority of them to be deactivated,” Topgear said on its article by Dinzo Tabamo.


So what’s the reaction of the people believing in Uber and Grab?

Read below what netizens on Facebook say with regards to LTFRB’s TNVS suspension on Grab and Uber operations

Hay, I am so thankful with Grab and Uber for about 3 plus years being a rider. Don’t take away our convenience and safety as riding public because of you’re backward minds LTFRB heads hello.

Once I tried riding a cab coz my fone went lo batt I can’t access uber or grab, in SM Moa 300 agad singil saken eh para saan pa Metro nila hello #LTFRB .
Tried to ride from CGS to Megamall abaw makacomplain si Manong driver na kinuriputan sha ng last rider nya binawasan pa daw ng 50 bayad sa kanya problema ko yun? Pero kung ganyan ka kareklamador malamang wala ka rin tip.

Uber and Grab is moderated you can complain pag bad ung driver mo, you know who is driving you kasi nakalagay na as app. If you left something you know who to find or call. Unlike taxi.

There was an incident of an office mate of a friend tinakbo ng taxi driver luggage nya. She tried to chase for it di huminto ung taxi. They went to police and airport authorities yes galing airport, pinagtawanan lang ng mga police saying Di na makukuha yun.

What kind of authorites we have saying things like that. Tolerating bad taxi drivers saying its norm?

Hello wakeup!

Earth Rullan, Blogger

My first RANT this year:

Are you INSANE, LTFRB? Do you freaking know you are removing convenience from the riding public? Are the taxi franchise owners lobbying you? As much as all Grab & Uber drivers/owners want to comply, you stopped issuing certificates a year ago. Yes,  STOPPED! So, how can they comply? Public safety? How about erring taxi, jeepney & bus drivers who defy road safety all the time? CHANGE LTFRB LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT NOW!!!

Change ba yan? AMP!

Please READ and SHARE nang matauhan naman ang LTFRB.”

Raffy Pekson II, Sr. Adviser for Sales & Marketing

Sa TAXI mas madami ang loko na driver. Di lahat pero… mas MADAMI!
Sa UBER/GRAB mas madami ang okay na driver. Di lahat pero… mas MADAMI!

Nasa system of accountability kasi yan.. you have that with Uber and Grab, sad to say wala nyan sa Taxi, meron dapat kaso di naman naipapatupad. Iaasa pa ba natin yan sa LTFRB e di nga nila mapatupad mga previous mandate nila.  Dun na po ako sa mas madami ang okay.”

Rain Ferdinand de Ocampo, Blogger

Grab/Uber is by far the safest, most convenient, most comfortable, not to mention drivers observe professionalism. I dont understand why LTFRB can’t see these. It’s a competition of who provides the BEST SERVICE and my vote is to Grab and Uber.”

Kristine Carl Garcia Badilla, Medical Staff

Please let the people decide which servicse we want to use… it’s getting to a point where it feels like these gov’t officials  just want to extort money from these companies before giving them permits…

Jab Escutin, Mobile Games Events Management

Haaaay! Ano bang gusto ng LTFRB? 😬🙅 Don’t take away our convenience. PLEASE LANG! Mas safe ng d hamak mag grab (or uber) kesa mag taxi. Ayokong magtaxi esp.if may kasamang bata at baby ng kami lang. Tsk tsk. #grabrider

Jen Maslang, Mom/Blogger


Jeff Alagar, Fitness Enthusiasts

I just don’t understand how the LTFRB thinks that busses, jeepneys and taxis are “safer” than uber or grab.

1. These PUVs are more reckless when driving. Most accidents are probably because of them.
2. Who here has been held up or got snatched while in a PUV at least once in their life?
3. Don’t get me started on taxis. They are picky with their riders and they ask for extra all the time.
These are only the three top reasons of many…

C’mon LTFRB, you’re trying to distract us from the fact that you are still not fixing the traffic problems. Instead of punishing Uber and Grab, why don’t you check the busses, jeepneys, taxis and even UV Express vans if they have good drivers (because most would fail in a legit driving test) or how about you eliminate the puvs that have been older than 15-20years!

– Zahra Bianca Saldua, CEO

But, hey, the LTFRB wont be backing down as they said in its latest statement that they can’t be pressured by the reactions of the riding public who support Grab and Uber.

With that, we can see that this issue will be hugging the headlines for many days until a better solution is presented to us, the riding public. We are the riding public and we have the right to choose what is safe and reliable transport ride for our every day convenience.

And for all the people who support Grab and Uber, let our voices be heard. Sign the petition to lift the TNVS suspension here. Let us all pray that LTFRB will finally see the light and not the delusion that taxis are much better than Grab and Uber.

#ISupportTNCs #ImWithGrab #WhyWeUber


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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Netizens On Facebook Speak Up For Grab And Uber Over LTFRB TNVS Suspension

  1. I hope LTFRB don’t put their ego first saying they are right. For the first time in this admin the dilawan and kadds nagkakaisa na huwag naman pahirapan tayong mga commuters at ibigay ang franchise ng UBer at Grab for the first time nagkasundo. Makinig sila na sigaw ng Bayan!

    1. Thanks, Earth! Your Facebook post is really ang eye-opener and sana magbukas din mga mata ng nga taga ltfrb at hindi magbulag-bulagan sa kung anuman kinikita, este, nakikita nila sa mga siraulong taxi services.. 😀


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