GRABTAXI GOES TO ILOILO CITY. GDR taxi drivers posed for the camera during our visit in Iloilo City.

GrabTaxi makes cab drivers more polite and hardworking

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A GrabTaxi passenger experience


Based on stories from taxi drivers themselves, the no. 1 taxi booking service app in the Philippines really hits the nail on the spot!

Currently, the most sought-after mobile app, GrabTaxi has more than 60,000 taxi drivers registered with the network, downloaded onto more than 3 million mobile devices, and 6 bookings made per second in 6 countries where the taxi booking app and one of the fastest growing-for-profit social start-up companies in Southeast Asia is present to date. Aside from providing passengers fast, safe, and reliable rides, GrabTaxi also created more income generating opportunities for taxi drivers.

There are about 620,000 people in the six countries using GrabTaxi at least once a month.

Ramon Go, Jr., driver of plate number MGH 379, shared his experience to me as one of GrabTaxi’s drivers who earned as much as Php 8,000 in two weeks through successfully made bookings.

I booked a ride to Ramon‘s taxi from World Trade Center after coming from a WorldBEX 2015 event all the way to Commonwealth Avenue in Tandang Sora last Saturday afternoonHe was polite during the travel period and even revealed to me the amount he earned in two weeks time while being proud to be part of GrabTaxi. “Saan mo pupulutin yung walong libo? Malaking tulong talaga ang GrabTaxi sa mga driver na katulad ko,” he told me. (Where will you find that Php 8,000? GrabTaxi is really a big help for drivers like me).

Drivers like Ramon are not the only ones who are satisfied with GrabTaxi. More so, passengers like me also get the benefits of this technology.

Before going to the World Trade Center, I was at Ortigas for a brunch on that same day. Sensing that it’s better for me to take a cab from Ortigas to WTC which is in Makati-Pasay City, I booked GrabTaxi and I was surprised that the taxi I booked took no more less than a minute to be on the pick-up venue. “Sir, andito na po ako sa baba,” he told me when I called him up to confirm. (Sir, I’m already here waiting in front of the building). Driver Angelito Ombay of plate number WFI 650 was so fast that I had to take the elevator as quickly as possible from the 11th to the ground floor to catch him downstairs.

The ride was smooth and as far as my experience, both drivers that I’ve booked that day were polite and hardworking.

These stories are just inspiring and encouraging for both drivers and passengers that I couldn’t help but share with you.

GrabTaxi in Iloilo City

Just last March 11, GrabTaxi successfully launched in Iloilo City, it’s 4th city, to better service the growing cab-riding citizens. Although most of the taxi drivers, operators, and passengers are kinda new to the system, GrabTaxi believes that they will get the use of their taxi booking application. In the first month and based on their experience, GrabTaxi offers zero booking (Php 0) fee to let the users enjoy it for free as they get used to the mobile app. GrabTaxi mobile app is available to Android, iOS, and Blackberry phone users for free.

GRABTAXI GOES TO ILOILO CITY. GDR taxi drivers posed for the camera during our visit in Iloilo City.
GRABTAXI GOES TO ILOILO CITY. GDR taxi drivers posed for the camera during our visit in Iloilo City.

GrabTaxi already has a solid presence in Manila, Cebu, and Davao before the launch in Iloilo City.

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog came by during the GrabTaxi Iloilo launch held at The Venue, Smallville Complex, and was happy for the presence of the mobile app in his province. “Your (GrabTaxi) presence will compliment serving our visitors as they come to Iloilo City and make other transportation accessible. Welcome to Iloilo City, the beautiful City of Love,” said Mayor Mabilog.

Iloilo is the next big city so we want to tap that market. We want to make sure that our presence is here because, the happenings is here. We also know that Iloilo is one of the top city in terms of tourism. Iloilo being the city that it is now, and the city that it will be tomorrow and in the future, we want to be here,” said Natasha Bautista, acting general manager of GrabTaxi during the launch.

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