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Honestly, the play of words got the curious cat out of the bag in me. Those with playful minds will make a pun out of the name of the newest mobile-for-travel app, HotelQuickly. Quickie, is that would you say? Humour or not, when seriously taken, the word play becomes beneficial for people who loves traveling and in some sort of dilemma when looking out for a perfect place, hotel, hostel, etc., in the most convenient ways possible.

I thought “HotelQuickly will be just another typical travel and hotel booking app that I wont probably use, lest will just take a lot of space on my mobile device.” Good thing that I was able to join a group of bloggers who came by at  A Space in Makati and got to listen as Raphael Cohen, Co-founder, CSO, introduces what HotelQuickly is really all about.

I am  impressed of HotelQuickly’s UI and the fluid display of the booking choices as I installed the mobile-for-travel app on my Honor 6 device. As Mr. Cohen was explaining the benefits of the mobile app for users, I was tinkering the actual app I installed and discovering the fine graphics and prints of HotelQuickly which was officially launched in March 2013 in 6 countries that grew with more than 200 destinations in 15 countries, as of this writing.

Apart from the great display and affordable booking rates, which you will find once you’ve installed the app (by the way, you may want to install it right away on your mobile device to get Php 700 credit as soon as you have it on your smartphone. Download the app from or view it from my Twitter account:

and it’ll take only a few minutes to do that.), the men behind HotelQuickly gave us the impression that this app is backed up by entrepreneurs who really know the importance of the digital world we’re all living now.

Tomas Laboutka

Tomas Laboutka, Co-founder, CEO, founded 3 ventures over the past 6 years and has most recently served as Co-founder and Managing Partner of FL Ventures Ltd., a specialist in advising start-ups on how to expand successfully across Europe.

Christian Mischler

Christian Mischler, Co-founder, COO & CMO, was COO of Rocket Internet‘s, the world’s largest online food delivery platform, before joining HotelQuickly.

Michal Juhas

Michal Juhas, Co-founder, CTO, worked as an IT consultant and founded BookFan, a concept which attracts more than 200,000 monthly users to date. Michal also co-founded and chaired Toastmaster‘s business club in Prague.

Mario Peng

Mario Peng, Co-founder, CFO, worked in the direct private equity investment team at Partners Group, one of the leading global private equity house, prior to joining HotelQuickly.

Raphael Cohen

Raphael Cohen, worked for Rocket Internet as Managing Director of foodpanda Vietnam and DropGifts Singapore, before joining HotelQuickly as Chief Sales Officer. As serial entrepreneur, he previously founded the online graphic design outsourcing company Corporate Edesign, as well as CGHK Export, a China-focused trading company.

You may visit to know more about these men and their full profile credentials.

Take a look at our next article to know more about HotelQuickly app.

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