29 thoughts on “Kata M2 Quad Core phablet specs, price, and review

    1. Hi Cristian. Thanks for the comment. First locate the a.) Volume hi-low button and b.) On/off button. They’re at the right side top right part of the unit.

      Then, press the low volume button at the same time pressing the on/off button. You should be capturing a screenshot by now.

      I hope that helps. :)

    2. hi i just got my Kata m2 (white) last 13th. i made sure it was fully charged last night. i used it for alarm. but just this 9 in the morning it was already low bat. i just made one brief phone call and 5 text messages. obviously the battery has a problem right? ur review says 1-2 days. but it’s not the same case for me.

    1. Upon unboxing, your Kata M2 should have an ample battery charge that you can use for let’s say one or two days, depending on your usage. We recommend charging your unit when the battery life goes down to 10%. For other concerns, you ay check the User’s Manual for the proper care and usage of the unit. Thanks for dropping by, Rico! :)

  1. What I’ve done was after purchasing, I plugged it on a computer to copy files from it. So I almost charged it already. Then after copying and unplugged it, I used the phone for almost 6hrs by surfing internet connecting to a wifi. When my phone turns off because it’s low batt, I left my phone charging almost 4 hours. When I came back it’s 100%. Did I do wrong?

    1. If it drained and you charged it afterwards for 4 hrs and you have 100% fully charged then there’s nothing wrong. In our experience, the M2 is capable of quick charge like when we charged our unit by 10 AM this morning with 15% remaining. When we pulled the plug before 2 PM, our unit already has 100% charged. Be glad for fast-charging! :)

    1. It’s not bad as the charger automatically stops charging the phone when it reaches 100%, based on out experience. However please, don’t make it a habit forgetting to unplug your M2 when it’s fully charged already. The best way always is to unplug your device after charging to maintain its usage and full-life capacity. :)

    1. We don’t see any bad effect connecting M2 to your computer. Just like any other devices, you may connect your M2 for easy uploading and sharing your files.

    1. Hi jan, this is much better than any other clone devices for sure. Remember, Kata is an original brand and for the pricing itself, comparing to high-end brands, is much affordable. :)

  2. I find it difficult to make gps work. Is this a Kata M2 specific problem? i have tried using gps fix apps but I still can’t make Ingress game work which relies on gps

    1. Does the gps problem comes out when you’re just playing the games? We’ll get back on you on this specific question. Thanks Tess for dropping by! :)

      1. Hi, just to let you know, I finally got the gps working. I just have to spend some 10 minutes out in an open field for it to calibrate. However, my problem now is that after I was able to use it when I got the gps working, the phone suddenly turned off and won’t restart. Hay. Now I have plugged it amd there are no signs that it’s charging. Kata doesn’t seem to have 24-hours hotline as there is no one answering the phone :(

  3. i got my kata m2 last dec 13, it must be a gift for my son this coming christmas so i decided to download some games for him, after 2 hours it turn off because of low battery so i charge it for 4 hours but when i came back its still 1 percent it doesn’t charge. what should i do?

    1. Had the same issue, we bough one (KATA M2) on Feb. 1, used the phone at home with no probs… used the chargers and leave the phone charging overnight… then this morning the battery charge is only 1%…. we tried to turn the phone on with no luck. removed the battery for a few minutes and recharging again and still stock on 1%… planning to bring the phone tomorrow on Starmall to have the unit check.


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