Feel the healthy air with Philips Air Purifier

Fight indoor air pollution with Philips Air Purifier

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Feel the healthy air with Philips Air Purifier
Feel the healthy air with Philips Air Purifier

Aside from the noise and traffic, another thing that hassles most of the city dwellers is the heavy and harmful air pollution along the road which apparently, is also a problem inside their homes

World Health Organization (WHO) stated that yearly, around 4.3 million of people around the world die due to indoor air pollution that is usually caused by emissions from domestic appliances like space heaters and cooking stoves.

“Indoor air pollution poses a greater danger to everyone because we spend most of our time indoors. Additionally, the space is smaller and often sealed so the pollution tend to be more concentrated,” according to RJ Buenaventura, Philips General Manager for Personal Health.

With this in mind, an air purifier optimized to filter out harmful agents in the air can prove to be a valuable addition to any home. This is exactly what the Philips Air Purifier, with its advanced features and smart sensors, offers.

Healthy air always                                                                          

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that indoor air pollutants are among the list of the top five environmental risks to public health.  Moreover, these pollutants are reported to be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution levels.

Reah Ronsayro, Business Development Manager of Philips Domestic Appliance line says, “The health problems caused by household pollution are insidious because they are subtle and do not easily produce noticeable and immediate impacts on health.”

The Philips Air Purifier is equipped with an advanced filtration system that purifies air from allergens, bacteria, and other harmful agents.  Additionally, it has smart features that can control indoor air quality.

The advanced filtration system works in three stages. The first stage uses the antibacterial pre-filter to catch big particles in the air like human hair. The second stage uses the activated carbon that filters and removes odors and harmful gases. Finally, the third stage has the HEPA filter to eliminate germs and mould.

Smart purifying

For a problem as serious as indoor pollution, having a smart partner that can help monitor your household can offer a ticket to safety.

Reah states, “With our busy lifestyles, it is so easy to forget about managing these parts of our home. But doing this can put us even more at risk, no matter how many safety mechanisms we set up.”

The Philips Air Purifier prevents this with its Healthy Air Protect Alert, a feature that gives a timely warning when the filter needs to be replaced. In the event that the loaded filter is not changed in time, the purifier will stop functioning to prevent further problems.

Additionally, this appliance has a three-step light indicator that alerts the homeowner about the quality of indoor air. A blue light will signal if the air is good, purple if it is fair, and red if the air quality is bad.

Other smart features of the air purifier include the three-step fan speed which adjusts the air flow to the user’s liking and the easy-to-set timer which can pre-program the appliance to a set number of hours and automatic shut off.

“Failure to prevent household risks like this can be damaging to one’s health and therefore, one’s personal life. It is our responsibility to make sure the environment we live, play, and work in is safe,” says Reah.

RJ encourages everyone to take action and be vigilant. “After all, if you are in danger even in the place where you are supposed to be safest, then where can you go?”

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