OUTDOOR PARKS SAFETY RULES AND GUIDELINES. Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident.

Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident

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OUTDOOR PARKS SAFETY RULES AND GUIDELINES. Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident.
OUTDOOR PARKS SAFETY RULES AND GUIDELINES. Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident.


UPDATE: April 11, 2014 (3;02 PM):

We received a call from Ms. Jingjing Romero of STRATOS, Inc. and we truly appreciate her for doing this so.  We just want to share with you the latest development on this incident before you go on reading the article below.

Ms. Jingjing told us that Vance and Rica could check-out from World Citi hospital and they are just in the process of recovering for two more days from now.

ALVIERA through Ayala Land, Inc. has already paid the initial expenses that the Madrid had incurred from the day they were rushed to the hospitals and  Rica’s operation.

STRATOS Inc. and Ms. Jingjing personally and regularly visited Vance and Rica at the hospital and assured them that all is being taken care of by Ayala Land, Inc., including the surgeon’s fee and other medical billings.

So no need to worry guys and dear fellow bloggers. Vance and Rica will soon be coming back to their home and we wish them a full and over-all recovery from the accident.

Thanks to Ayala Land, Inc. and STRATOS, Inc., for acting wholeheartedly on this matter.


The article you are about to read was published on April 8, 2014 (9:25 AM).

Outdoor park activities are exciting experience and this is what the SandBox at ALVIERA is exactly all about. But even the most fun-filled attractions, especially the extreme and challenging ones can turn into a not-so-fun, when accidents happen, as we know it.

And accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Last Saturday, April 5, fellow blogger Vance and her mom, Rica Madrid figured in an accident during an out-of-town media invite launch of the new ‘Gateway to Getaway’ summer outdoor adventure park place, the SandBox at ALVIERA in Porac, Pampanga. An almost 2 hour drive from Balintawak North Luzon Exchange tollway.

We personally knew Vance and her mom because we always bumped into each other in media events. We tried to stir away from writing an article about their accident but since we got a lot of inquiries to what really happened on that day, we decided to share little bit of details.

We were present during the outdoor park media launch but when the accident happened, we were already on a service van going back to Manila at around 2 PM. We learned about the accident through a Facebook message that something happened to Vance and Rica and they had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

We can only share a bit of information as we were not present at the time of the accident and the info that we got all came from the post of Vance herself on her social network and from the kind-hearted bloggers who shared the news and initiated the help (financial and prayers) to her and mom, Rica.

As of the latest update that we’ve read, Rica was transferred to World Citi hospital after she was admitted to National Orthopedic for x-ray and examinations. Rica suffered from pelvic bone dislocation and writhes in pain. She badly needs huge amount for the operation.

Another update on the social network reported that the PR firm who invited us to the event, and Ayala Land, Inc., already contacted Vance. They promised to help them settle the transfer and hospital bills.

SandBox at ALVIERA is an extreme outdoor adventure park for those who dare and challenged. That is why prior to the event, as far as we are concern, STRATOS Inc., the PR firm, sent us travel reminders through email and were told that a waiver must needed to be signed upon registering to the event on the day itself. That alone we already knew that this activity was not for the weak, yes, for the daring ones, maybe, but that waiver reminder already gauge a glimpse of what we have to expect once we got there on the venue.

And true to it. It was a hot and sunny day in that 1,125sq hectare land where activities like the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Rappel Wall, and others are lined-up to give the guests the extreme experience they are looking for. It’s not the activities we were concern of but a possible heat stroke could trigger a less fun experience for everyone.

It is where at the ATV ride that Vance and Rica met an accident. According to Vance, the ATV they were riding lost control and even landed on top of Rica, thus fracturing her bones badly. In crackled voice, Vance immediately called some of her friends and asked for financial aid to bring her mother to the hospital. Vance posted through her Facebook a shout-out for help. Miss Janet Toral initiated a call to Vance and committed to give help.

Why called out to friends who were not even present in that event for assistance?

Initially and maybe to their surprise, all that STRATOS and Ayala Land, Inc., who partially owned ALVIERA, could only provide for a service van that will bring them to the nearest hospital. From the local hospital, an ambulance was provided in rushing the injured to National Orthopedic in Manila.

It left no choice for Vance to seek out for help to fellow bloggers for financial aid because like most of the bloggers, she is not earning much from it. Getting invited to events is not an income-generating field for most of us but instead are just an avenue to sustain weekly groceries. So please, for the commenter from another blog with a related topic, who anonymously calls himself Asong Ulol, stop generalizing that bloggers are free-loaders. There maybe occasional freebies, GCs for shopping, and the first-hand experience but most of all we do this for blog content and as passion or hobby. If there are bloggers who earn much, they deserved that.

Read the article posted here http://www.deiville.com/blogging-outdoor-accident-sandbox-alviera/

Going back. Our group PB Network and other blog communities already passed the hat to help in the littlest way that we can for Vance. If you also want to share, here are the contact and bank details. Should you like to donate an amount, you can contact Vance Madrid at 0906-559-8254. Cash donation can be sent via:

Rica Q. Madrid
Metrobank account number: 304-3-30407048-0

On the latest development, words from Earth Rullan, another fellow blogger who was also present during the sneak preview of the outdoor park, shared on her Facebook that “ALVIERA takes responsibility over Vance and PR takes responsibility on not immediately responding (Vance texted office phone that was lowbat and they only checked yesterday Sunday coz another blogger Edith Uy texted the direct line of PR around 2pm, Sunday).” It was also reported that someone from the PR (or was it from ALVIERA) already visited Vance and Rica in the hospital yesterday.

8 Outdoor parks safety rules and guidelines:

1. Waivers are hint that the activities you’ll be participating are not that easy and may pose harm or danger to the participant. Follow your instinct. If you’re a first-timer, ask for assistance from professionals.

2. ATV rides are not tykes play. If you know how to drive a car or big bikes, that gave you the advantage. Furthermore, if you’re a first-timer, ask for a brief seminar on the how to’s. If the guide says that even newbies can manage the ATV, insist on a professional rider to stay along with you all through-out the terrain course ride. It’s your physical body who’ll get injured and not those of the guides at the registration table.

3. Safety first. Wear helmets, knee caps, and related safety precautions to ensure that when mishaps happen, you’ll have the first line of safety.

4. Ambulance and security. In places like extreme outdoor park, guests should be made comfortable and be made known that emergency vehicles, such as ambulance and security personnel are in place for if anything goes wrong, they are on standby’s.

5. Responsiveness. Organizers who personally invited their guests should have an open communications line so that when an emergency situation arises they are on the first-hand to give assistance to their guests. Don’t wait for 24 hours to pass by before responding to the needs of your guests.

6. Humanitarian obligations. Forget the waiver. In times of emergencies, especially if you were the ones who personally brought your guests, take the initiative on giving first-hand assistance, whether in service or financial aid. This act will be generously appreciated even in just small amounts.

7. Trained personnel. For outdoor park owners and organizers, make sure that these people involved in the activity areas are well-trained and know how to handle immediate and emergency situations. The guide who told Vance that it’s okay for non-experienced rider to get on the ATV should get reprimanded. We don’t want him to get sacked but he must also take full responsibility on his action. Bring him back to the seminar room.

8. Fit and healthy. Before participating extreme outdoor challenges, make sure you are physically fit, must have sound mind and health. When you signed-up for a waiver, you take full responsibility of your actions and must not blame anyone if you hurt yourself. Extreme outdoor challenges can be from easy to anything goes. Don’t let injuries ruin your fun-filled day.

If you have opinions on this said incident, feel free to post your comments below. Just a reminder, let us make the conversation lighter and avoid trash or insulting words. Share your honest opinions minus the foul use of words. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

4 thoughts on “Lessons to be learned from an outdoor park accident

  1. Great article Juan Manila! True that, you must be physically and mentally fit to try extreme activities. Bloggers must take advantage of media events to share with the PR or management the areas to improve on to help the business, other than promotions.

  2. Organizers failed on crisis management, if they were at the scene right at that moment negative things could have been prevented. And park staff should have been strict on guidelines and safety gears. Why allow a 56 year old lady to ride without helmet (did they bothered to check her seat belt?) Good thing another blogger gave her helmet instead.

    For bloggers naman, please think twice before you allow your child/senior to try extreme activities unless they are really athletic :)

    Asong Ulol loves to stalked Filipino bloggers that much that he’s itching to be heard with his/her grammar nazi tone (sya na ang intelehente!) Bigyan ng loot bag!

    Thanks for the mention! 😉

    1. Agree on that Daryll! At the end of the day we bloggers would love to have a safe and harmonious relationship with everyone, including PR firms and their clients.

      Thanks for the visit! 😉


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