LG reveals the Perfect Black, Perfect Color OLED TV 4K

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Gone were the days when you look for a TV and you ask, “Is it cable-ready?” Now, consumers are looking for the best Smart TV and if it’s a 4K Smart TV.

LG Electronics, a global innovation in TV technology, is breaking new grounds with its latest line of premium OLED TVs, and it’s now available in the country. It’s not just Smart TV, it’s OLED TV 4K.

We dropped by at one of the sophisticated suites at Raffles Hotel to check out the exclusive preview of LG’s revolutionary technology set to power the TVs of tomorrow. In between munching popcorn and chips, and don’t forget the pizza, we were glued to the super comfy living room couch and our eyes gazed straight to the brilliant form of the new LG OLED TV 4K.

The 65-inch LG OLED TV 4K is a real eye-candy especially when you are watching Netflix’s Marco Polo which was filmed on 4K perfect to OLED TV’s 4K Ultra HD specification (3840 x 2160) producing a crisp and real-time quality image.

One of the uniqueness of the latest OLED TV is its Paper-Slim (4.6mm) which me compared and measured to one of Philippine Tatler’s magazine we saw at the room’s coffee table.

On top of it all, maybe you are asking “Why would I buy the new LG OLED TV?”

Well, here are 5 reasons why LG OLED TV is the best TV

Great form for any decor

As soon as you step inside the living room (or any other rooms), what does your eyes look for at first? It’s the TV set. Sala (or bedrooms) won’t be complete without it.

OLED tech doesn’t need back-lighting, allowing LG to design the OLED screen as thin and as light as possible. The result: a blade-slim profile with ultra-thin bezels, which creates the impressive Picture-on-Glass effect and complements any interior decor scheme.

Perfect viewing angle from any direction

With LG OLED Tvs innovative design, users can completely immerse themselves in movies and TV shows without thick, jarring bezels framing the screen. This also makes for amazing picture quality from any viewing angle – everybody gets to enjoy perfect blacks, colors, and contrast wherever they are in the room.

Experience over a billion  colors

OLED delivers as a full range of the brightest  whites, darkest blacks, and a billion hues in between, letting users watch movies and videos the same way the creators shot the material Рcomplete with all the nuances of colors and tone.

Future-ready picture technology

The only TV line in the market to support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, LG OLED also delivers full value for users, especially with the HDR (high dynamic range) era conquering the industry in a couple of years. Users can enjoy unlimited, hyper-real entertainment in the formats used by major production companies, including Disney, MGM, and Universal.

Full sound, less clutter

This is one of the best feature that we love the most. Most of the TV nowadays doesn’t come with quality sound like even you press the volume to its maximum, there is a little improvement. Unless, you connect a wireless speaker or jacked up wired speakers, your full TV experience won’t be complete if the sound isn’t amped.

By working with audio industry leader Harman/Kardon, LG developed an innovative Sound Bar Stand for the OLED TV,which delivers a complete, richly textured soundscape that perfectly complements the impressive visuals on screen. This attractively designed sound bar delivers cinema-quality sound without the use of full wired speaker that adds to clutter.

LG OLED TV a total entertainment experience

“LG’s unique OLED innovations are definitely changing the game when it comes to the total entertainment experience,” said Tony An, LG Philippines VP for Home Entertainment. “With the LG OLED TV line, Filipino consumers can enter a whole new world of realistic, vivid, and immersive image and sound, right int heir living rooms.”

Price and availability

The 2016 LG OLED TV,are already available in the Philippines, currently retailing for P349,990 (65-inch E6); P299,990 (65-inch C6); P249,990 (65-inch B6) and P149,990 (55-inch B6). Those who purchase any of these stunning variants from July 15-31, 2016 will be entitled to a 30% discount (cash and credit card straight charge payment).

For more details, visit lg.com/ph, lg.com/ph/oledtv/main.html, or youtube.com/watch?v=uboKAH6S1Hk; like the LG TV Philippines Facebook page or follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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