New Wave Night with China Crisis and Peter Coyle

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My growing up years are in between the 80s and the 90s, hence I got exposed to new wave music at the age of five. My biggest influencers happen to be the two sons of my mom’s best friend, who I remember back in the day are big fans of new wave bands, had huge posters of their idols in their bedrooms, collected their vinyl records, and maintained the “tsunami wave” hair 24/7.

I missed the previous China Crisis Manila concert, so I promised myself I’ll make time for the repeat this year. The timing was even perfect because they’re joined by Peter Coyle, original vocalist of another fave new wave band of mine The Lotus Eaters.


Thanks to Maddie and Kat of Circles Entertainment for our All Access passes and for Steve O Neil Productions and Kia Theatre for bringing these legendary acts in Manila.

It was first time ever at Kia Theatre so that night was even more special, not minding the terrible 3-hour traffic from my place in Las Piñas to the venue.

IMG_6651 IMG_6652

To warm up the crowd for the ultimate 80s nostalgia, opening act JV Decena (Karaoke World Phil. Male Champion) sang 80s classics Take On Me, Cyndi Lauper hits Time After Time and True Colors, True and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. He also performed his cover of Australian Idol 2003 winner Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me Here.

IMG_6653 IMG_6654 IMG_6655

Peter Coyle took over and went onstage after JV, and that’s when I and the rest of the audience got really excited! The Lotus Eaters frontman kept his charming grin and energy while singing his unforgettable hit songs It Hurts, First Picture of You, German Girl and my most-liked of all The Lotus Eaters songs Love Still Flows. He even included other songs from previous and present albums in his set list. It’s amazing to see that Peter aged gracefully, his voice hasn’t changed a bit over the years, and he was kind enough to go around our seats to shake hands (yup, I was one of the lucky “handshakers” OMG LOL!) and for selfies with the fans.

Here are photos of him that I took and posted on Facebook (and liked by Peter himself):

Last but not the least of course, is China Crisis – the duo who didn’t disappoint by going down the stage to interact with us (just like Peter) and remind us of all the reasons why we continue to love their music as they sang almost all their famous tracks such as Highest High, African and White, Best Kept Secret, Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives, Black Man Ray, King in a Catholic Style, and the most requested of all, Wishful Thinking. They also paid tribute to singer-songwriter Carole King with their own cover of It’s Too Late.

Thankfully I got a copy of their set list to bring home…


…and was able to take so many photos of them to complete my wonderful trip down memory lane.

What’s great about my All Access pass is not just going in through the backstage entrance, but also being one of the privileged few to participate in the Meet and Greet session after the show.

IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6659 IMG_6241

Take a look at my video compilation for more intense concert #feels right here:

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