New And Improved Virtual Currency zGold-MOLPoints Is Now Available To Access Over 2,500 Digital Content And Game Titles


 “There is a tremendous opportunity that this market will grow,” says Adrian Eng, Business Development Manager, Razer, during the launch of Razer-zGold-MOLPoints partnership held at the Razer store in The Annex, SM North EDSA. For those who remember, Razer store finally opened two years ago on this same month, with no less than Razer’s co-founder and […]


3 New Ways To Get Creative With National Book Store


 There are new ways to get creative in the city and thanks to National Book Store, the country’s biggest bookstore and supplies chain, there are three specialty shops that have something for everyone. From self-taught to professional artists, and those who have creative souls, NBS introduces these new shops slash havens to get your creative […]