The Rise of #NowNation. PayMaya launched today its new campaign #NowNation to empower the Filipino millennials to seize the day, pursue their passions and live in the here and now. (L-R) Paolo Azzola, Managing Director and co-COO of PayMaya Philippines; Ram Cortez, PayMaya's Student Ambassador; Carlo Atendido, DJ Champion; Seph Cham, Lifestyle Guru; Camille Co, Style Maven; Orlando Vea, President and CEO of Voyager Innovations; Chichi Tullao, Foodie Extraordinaire; Alyssa Valdez, Phenom of Philippine Volleyball; Jonas Roque, Weekend Wandering Warrior; and Benjie Fernandez, co-COO of PayMaya Philippines and COO of Voyager Innovations.

PayMaya launches new brand campaign to empower millennials

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For everyone’s information, PayMaya Philippines is formerly Smart e-Money, Inc, which is the financial services arm of Smart and PLDT and carries the PayMaya, a leading payment app and prepaid card in the Philippines, that can be used today in many establishments, online shopping, transportation, and recently, highlighting sports, music, fashion, gaming, and travel under the #NowNation campaign that aims to inspire and enable the millennials to seize the day and pursue their passions.

It’s in the digital world where most of us are spending more time nowadays. However, the challenge of financial inclusion in the country hinders the 69% of the population with no bank accounts) and the  7 million Filipinos who don’t have credit cards to access financial and digital services. For instance, the lack of a credit card disables potential travelers to book flights every time they spot a seat sale. With PayMaya, by simply downloading the app on Google Play or App Store, users get an instant virtual Visa card that they can use to book flights whenever, wherever they are.

“We are thrilled to launch PayMaya’s #NowNation campaign to signify our commitment in empowering millennials to pursue their passions and the endless possibilities that come with being part of this generation. Now is the time to travel and get out of your comfort zone, to find new places to eat with people you love, and to game up your style to express yourself and be who you truly are. This is what #NowNation is all about, and it is living in the moment with PayMaya that we can unlock a life brimming with experiences,” said Paolo Azzola, Managing Director and co-COO of PayMaya Philippines.

At the event that was held in 12 Monkeys in Century City Mall the other day, PayMaya geared up to introduced #NowNation brand ambassadors who have persisted in what they love to do every day, in the here and now: Alyssa Valdez, the heart-strong Volleyball player we all love; Camille Co, a young fashion designer and style blogger; Seph Cham, an up-and-coming men’s fashion and lifestyle guru; Chichi Tullao, the food stylist behind the delectable Happy Tummy Travels; DJ Carlo Atendido, the first FIlipino to win the Red Bull Thre3style World DJ Championships in 2015; Jonas Roque, the popular travel with hugot blogger behind Wandering Weekend Warriors; finally, Team Mineski, the professional Philippine DoTA team who most recently represented the Philippines in the international Manila Majors DoTA tournament.

With the #NowNation ambassadors, PayMaya hopes to inspire young millennials to go beyond dreaming and start living.


Aside from providing the financial tools needed to enjoy the things they want and gain meaningful experiences, PayMaya also keeps innovating for its users.

Only with PayMaya

PayMaya is the only payment app and prepaid card accepted on Uber. Recently, PayMaya and Uber entered a unique partnership enabling PayMaya users to link their app or their card to their Uber app to hail a safe and convenient Uber ride. To mark this strategic partnership, users who download and use Uber for the first time will get 50% off on their first Uber ride until July 10, 2016 by just using the promo code PAYMAYAxUBER.

Send Money

In addition to its “Send Money” feature which allows users to send money to anyone with a PayMaya app, they can now also send and pick up funds at any Smart Padala Center, which has more branches than banks and pawnshops combined. Soon, users will also be able to pay their bills and government services like SSS via the app. This way, PayMaya makes payments easy and convenient for living in the now, be it for having fun or for meeting our day-to-day needs.


The economic power of the millennials

In the next decade, the millennials will be the largest living generation in the Philippines—and their numbers and lifestyle will drive the country’s prosperity. By addressing this frontier market segment, PayMaya helps build an important backbone of the Philippine economy.

The economy is estimated to grow by 7% to 8% within the decade on the back of its young population. Right now, most Filipinos are young and able to work—a favorable demographic where an increase in the number of working adults with bigger purchasing power will mean greater domestic demand and higher economic growth.

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Juan Manila Express is a magazine-themed blog of different niche from daily grind to headline news, to entertainment updates and social media related topics. Email us at [email protected] for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for visiting!

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