Real Estate Agents and Brokers Online Marketing Must-Haves

Real estate agents and brokers online marketing must-haves

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Real Estate Agents and Brokers Online Marketing Must-Haves

I still see agents and brokers doing traditional marketing (giving flyers, billboards etc.) without even knowing that they are throwing a lot of money that can’t even have a measurable goal (leads and conversion) most specifically here in the Philippines. Nowadays a lot of people are in social media especially in Facebook.

Did you know that Filipino’s interest in real estate grew 2.3 times in the last 4 years? So what does it means for you? If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Your competitors might be doing better because they are online and already targeting the right audience. Learn more how you can do the modern way of marketing and also having a measurable goal.

Have Active Listings in Real Estate Classified Site

Post your for sale or for rent properties in a real estate classified ads website that helps brokers, agents and developer promote their properties to potential buyers and renters.

Create a Website, If You Have, and Make Sure It’s Seen

A lot of real estate developers, brokers and agents aren’t used to selling the properties online. But the fact that most of the pinoys are web savvy and are most of the time online 24/7, they are missing the opportunity to sell properties to potential customers. Of course, having a website doesn’t ensure you a lead. Make sure that your website is optimized for Search Engines like Google and Bing.

Have Mobile Compatible Website

Because mobile is on the rise, make sure that you grab the opportunity to make your website compatible in mobile devices both in iOS and Android.

Know Your Audience. Track Their Behavior.

A lot of real estate audience are Yuppies (or young professionals) looking for a space to rent or to have as their own. Know where you should focus your marketing strategies by tracking the audience. Google Analytics can do this for you. Just add the GA code on your website and you can analyse your audience. In the left side navigation, go to Audience and you can now see the demographics, interest, technology and location your audience use.

Create Official Social Media Accounts and Be Active

Having a website will not make you a star player in the field. It will help you provide a paperless menu of what you’re offering. Being on social media is another thing, because it helps you reach out to potential clients. Interacting with your audience is a really good way to encourage them to buy the property and social media can do that for you. Inquiries can come easily because they can connect with the agent/broker and have an answer right away.

Improve Image Quality and Eye-Candy Space Design

Most of you will just brush this off. But did you know that people often look for what looks better at first? They unconsciously choose the better look image quality-wise. You don’t want people asking you for a much clearer image because the one you posted is blurry enough than your windshield in a rainy day. Of course, you need to present them also an eye-candy space design. It will catch your audiences’ attention and it can lead to a sale. So make sure that you do this better than your competitors.

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