Star Movies Transforms To FOX Movies #ExpectIncredible

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Still hungover from Spider-Man: Homecoming because it is really a fantastic movie. Tom Holland’s gymnastic skills proved to be a great contribution to his webslinger’s character stunts. And then there’s Iron Man and Captain America, and the mention of the Avengers… Whoah! Just marvelous!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a sure blockbuster hit and for those who are out of the radar, Tom’s Spider-Man first appeared in MCU’s Captain America: Civil War which was released last year and it embossed Spider-Man’s part in Marvel Studios upcoming movie releases. Great!

So now, I need to refresh my geek side by watching previous films related to Civil War and Homecoming. And guess what? Thanks to FOX Movies, I can watch the The Avengers (2012) one more time until I get back to Civil War (2016), where our friendly neighborhood Spidey debuted his first MCU return. FOX Movies? #ExpectIncredible.

Expect Incredible

That’s right. Started last June 10, Star Movies re-branded as big changes are coming ahead. Star Movies is now officially FOX Movies. FOX Movies is dedicated to providing first-run and exclusive content through an unmatched entertainment experience. From Hollywood blockbusters, award winners, and epic franchise. Experience on FOX Movies equates watching the best blockbuster Hollywood films on this channel.

FOX Movies is available on SKYcable, Cablelink, Destiny Cable, MyCATV, and Parasat Cable TV. So many cable providers to choose from to enjoy all the premium blockbuster Hollywood hits right in the comfort of your home. Or you can download the FOX+ mobile application on your smartphone, and that’s it. You can watch ’em anytime you want, anywhere you may be. As simple as that.

And that’s not all. More of Hollywood’s best and biggest films are available exclusive from 21st Century FOX, MGM, Disney, etc. Upcoming animated movies to premiere on FOX Movies include Moana.

As a big comic book and superhero movies fan, I am glad that there is FOX Movies where I can watch some of my favorite superhero movies and enjoy all the action right in my mobile phone or when I watch it on FOX Movies channel for more premium viewing experience.

There are a lot to discover when you watch FOX Movies channel or when you download the FOX+ mobile app. You’ll be surprised there is a wide range of movies to match every occasion or simple moments at home and even the mood you’re in. Take for example when you’re chilling with your romantic date on Tuesdays. FOX Movies got you covered. Feeling superhero on a Friday? FOX Movies will bring the action where you are. You want more?

Reel Feels – Romance block every Tuesday; Action Nation – Action block every Friday; Comedy Club – Comedy block every Wednesday; Saturday – Blockbuster Premiere; and on Other Days are regular premieres.

FOX Movies got it all from romance, comedy, adventure, superhero, horror or action — and it’s entirely up to you how you will enjoy this channel. And yes, FOX Movies got the biggest movie libraries for any mood that you are in. FOX Movies also has the perfect movie for group movie marathons or for moments when you just want to watch alone in your pajamas or in a costume of your favorite movie character. Doctor Strange will premiere by the way on FOX Movies, July 22nd as well as John Cusack’s action-thriller Cell on the 23rd.

You can enjoy FOX Movies on FOX+ mobile app with the free 30-day trial. Stream the movies and grant access to kids under one account. Binge watch all you want. All day long, all night long. Download the FOX+ app and start your 30-day trial on Google Play: https://goo.gl/u5xSqp for Android phones and Apple Store: https://goo.gl/WDCO5i for iOS.

FOX Movies, previously Star Movies, is on the same channel number.

To get more updates, tune in to FOX Movies channel. Visit FOX Movies Philippines Facebook Page or follow on Instagram at @foxmoviesph.

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