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Busgsy’s Traditional American Burger and Brew Kettle

Forbes Town Center celebrates International Burger Day with ten hottest burger and beer pairings


 International Burger Day is celebrated every May 28 and Forbes Town Center celebrated their love of burgers and splurged of their favorite food at its Burger and Beer Feast. Forbes Town Center boasted ten of the best burgers in town, together with its awesome beer pairs–makes a really good combination. Here’s the quick list of the ten best burger and beer pairings offered in the coolest dining places in FTC 1. Bacon Cheese Burger and Mr. Wolf Brown Ale (Big Bad Wolf) PhP 700 – a certified best-seller, this burger reinforces the belief that good things come in small packages. This […]


Slappy cakes added new treat The Elvis and more, alongside their pancake menus


 Slappy Cakes is one of the most popular breakfast spots which was originally from Portland, Oregon. Though it is already famous for its dishes, new offerings were introduced to the customers, either new to their taste or old favorite with a twist, to provide more delicious choices but are still based to the restaurant’s American roots. First in line, Slappy Cakes’ Pancake Sampler. The restaurant is known for their do-it-yourself pancake which lets the customers to cook the pancake on their own and having the freedom to do whatever design they want. They offers three different flavors– Chocolate, Red Velvet […]